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Community Closeouts: A Great Way To Attract New Clients, Make Fast Sales and Really Grow Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Builder Boost Austin on May 2, 2018
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Community Closeouts

“Closeout” homes pose a great opportunity for a real estate agent to market themselves. Here’s why:

Closeout homes usually have decreased prices.

Because builders are highly motivated to pick up and move out, closeout homes may be thousands of dollars less than what people who purchased a dirt start home paid. This makes you, as a Real Estate Agent, look great because clients can get a home that is much less than they were expecting, and there may be more room for negotiation.

Closeout homes are quick move-in.

Unlike the other new builds in the area, closeout homes are standing inventory and are ready for a new family to move in ASAP. This means cash buyers or highly motivated buyers with equity will have no problem snagging these homes off the market — many of them thinking they’d have to wait months for a new build to be completed! This is another great boost for your real estate brand, as your clients will be impressed that they could “seal the deal” so quickly.

Construction is over.

Is there any better selling point than getting a brand new home for a fair price — without worrying about construction noise at 6am on Saturday? Since these closeout homes are the last homes available, the neighborhood will be settled and, depending on how long the build phase has been going, there could be an established, thriving community. This is a huge selling point for people who have small children or want a quiet neighborhood. Buyers also get a better feel for how the neighborhood looks and feels without wondering what it will look like “when the dust settles”.

Upgrades are built-in.

If you’ve worked with previous clients to pick out paint color schemes or appliances for a new build home, you know the excitement, but it can be a bit tedious and stressful to know which appliances or amenities are worth the cost, which is why closeout homes are great. They come “as is,” but they’re often packed with top-of-the-line appliances, amenities, flooring and more. There are even cases where builders are so motivated to sell that they include unprovided upgrades, like backyard landscaping, blinds or appliances. Not only does this make a sale easier for you, but it also gives you more room to really impress your clients, who will spread the word!

Model homes.

Since model homes generally serve as the office for a number of new build communities, they have to convert those homes back into homes before the final “closeout.” This is a great time for luxury-minded buyers to get a great deal on large, lovely, upgraded homes. It helps for agents to know when a community is about to “close out” so they can talk to the onsite agents about when the model homes go on sale. Often times there are incredible opportunities for Model Home Lease Backs too. Not only will this insider knowledge impress your clients, but they’ll be over the moon with their new, beautiful home.

Coventry Homes Model Home – Plan 3563

Marketing yourself with closeout communities

For Real Estate Agents, marketing isn’t just about getting seen on a billboard. It’s about who has worked with you, how many people have raved about you, and how you’re connected. Closeout communities offer a boost for your marketing in all three areas: you’ll have more clients because you can close faster, your clients will be even happier with their home, and you’ll know onsite agents and builder teams that will be a huge boon to your business.

If you’re currently specializing in new home sales, keep an eye out for those communities that are almost done building, and ask the onsite agents for information on closeouts or model home sales when you’re in the office. All of this is great information to have in your arsenal, and it will continue to help your clients and your network.


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