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Posted by Ronilo Palama on March 14, 2023
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  • What is your best advice for new home buyers?

    Don’t settle! Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. This is where memories are made, where you unwind after a long day. Home is more than a floor plan, it’s a feeling and you want to have the BEST feeling every time you come home. Find a home you’ll love for years to come!

  • What is your favorite podcast?

    Hmmm… it’s tough to choose just one! I’m an avid reader and lover of learning. My top three would be: Dare to Lead (Brene Brown) A bit of Optimism (Simon Sinek) and Work-Life (Adam Grant). Business, Leadership and SALES are my jam!

  • What do you love about homebuilding?

    The fast pace, and the new challenges we face every day! No one day is the same. But the very best part is the people! The lifelong friendships I’ve made with customers and peers. I’m so blessed to be a small part of a family’s story, as they find their new home.

  • Where are you from originally?

    Born and raised in Corvallis Oregon, GO BEAVS! I helped my dad build our log cabin as a small child. I still remember eating lunch from the second story, sitting inside the window frame with my legs just dangling. I went on to batch redi-mix trucks through college. My love of construction started at an early age. I love seeing dreams and plans brought to life!

  • Tell us an interesting detail about you that many might not know?

    I was born “Amy.” In the 70’s there were at least 4 other Amys in my class. I was determined to be unique and make my name my own. I changed the legal spelling to “Aimee.” My mom was kind enough to bring me to the courthouse and signed the paper to make it official. Even better… I found out she did the SAME thing as a young girl. Apple doesn’t fall far!

  • How did you get into homebuilding?

    With a love of all things construction, I got my real estate license in 2016. I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I knew there was a reason I had started down the path, and I just needed a small tweak to find the right fit. I had friends in new home sales, picked their brains, and the rest was history!! I absolutely LOVE new home construction. It’s a passion that runs deep to my core.

  • What are 3 adjectives that describe you best?

    Driven, Optimistic, Curious

  • What is one of your favorite things to do in your city?

    Discovering new coffee shops, with a good book in hand!

  • What is one thing you want people to know about your community?

    Parkside on the River is a little slice of country just minutes from Georgetown and Cedar Park. Filled with oak trees, ponds, trails, a future elementary school, amenities, and a pickle ball, there’s something for everyone. We have options for a wide range of buyers with 45’, 50’, and 60’ lots!

  • What is your favorite Model, Floorplan or Feature?

    I’m passionate about our superior design, walls of windows, and soaring ceilings! So much so, I’ve purchased two Perry Homes! My very favorite plan is our 2916W. The kitchen island is huge and it’s the perfect space for making fresh pasta for family and friends. The kitchen is the “hub” of the home, and I love the large open feel with ample storage and wine bar!

  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?

    Attitude is everything! We all have chapters we don’t talk about and just because we carry it well doesn’t mean our life is easy. Everyone has challenges and heartache…. that’s just part of life! There is always something to be grateful for. You’ll always get more of what you focus on in life, so keep your mindset in check!

  • Do you have someone in your life that has been an exceptional mentor? Who? Why?

    My parents. They’ve taught me the value of hard work, chasing my dreams, doing hard things, and embracing discomfort. They’ve always encouraged me to trust myself and that anything and everything is possible!

Aimee Marino

Perry Homes – Parkside on the River

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