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78641 Bar W Ranch Brohn Homes ★ Coming Soon
78641 Bar W Ranch D.R. Horton ★ Coming Soon
78641 Bar W Ranch Gehan Homes ★ $200s (high)
78641 Bluffview Pulte Homes ★ $200s (high)
78628 Bluffview 50’s Taylor Morrison ★ $200s (high)
78628 Bluffview 60’s Taylor Morrison ★ $300s (low)
78628 Bluffview 70’s Taylor Morrison ★ $400s (low)
78628 Bonnet MileStone Community Builders ★ Coming Soon
78641 Bryson Brookfield Residential ★ $400s (high)
78641 Bryson Chesmar Homes ★ $200s (high)
78641 Bryson – Bryson Collection Lennar ★ Not Published
78641 Bryson – Claremont Collection Lennar ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Bryson – Highlands Collection Lennar ★ $200s (high)
78641 Bryson 50’s Perry Homes $300s (mid)
78641 Bryson 60’s Perry Homes $400s (mid)
78641 Carneros Ranch Coventry Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Carneros Ranch Lennar ★ $300s (low)
78641 Crystal Falls – Cap Rock Estates Drees Custom Homes $400s (low)
78641 Crystal Falls – Cottages Brookfield Residential ★ $300s (low)
78641 Crystal Falls – Grand Mesa Coventry Homes ★ $500s (high)
78641 Crystal Falls – Grand Mesa Drees Custom Homes $600s (mid)
78641 Crystal Falls – The Townhomes Prominence Homes ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Crystal Springs – The Coves Century Communities ★ $200s (low)
78641 Crystal Springs – The Falls Century Communities ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Crystal Springs – The Lakes Century Communities ★ $200s (high)
78641 Deerbroke GFO Home ★ $300s (low)
78641 Deerbroke Meritage Homes ★ $200s (high)
78641 Deerbrooke Gehan Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Deerbrooke Monticello Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Deerbrooke Sitterle Homes ★ $400s (low)
78641 Deerbrooke 50’s Perry Homes $300s (mid)
78641 Devine Lake Lennar ★ Coming Soon
78641 Greatwood Carothers Executive Homes Not Published
78641 Greatwood Estates Caledonia Builders $400s (high)
78641 Haven Oaks KB Home ★ Coming Soon
78641 Hawkes Landing Gehan Homes ★ $200s (high)
78641 Homestead Gehan Homes ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Homestead Gray Point Homes ★ $200s (low)
78641 Larkspur D.R. Horton ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Larkspur Gehan Homes ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Larkspur MileStone Community Builders ★ $200s (low)
78641 Leander Crossing Gehan Homes ★ $400s (mid)
78741 Lost Woods Preserve M/I Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Marbella GFO Home ★ $400s (low)
78641 Marbella Hill Country Artisan Homes ★ Not Published
78641 Marbella Pacesetter Homes ★ $300s (high)
78641 Marbella Vintage Estate Homes $300s (high)
78641 Mason Hills GFO Home ★ $400s (high)
78641 Mason Hills – The Lakes Classic Collection KB Home ★ $200s (high)
78641 Mason Hills – The Lakes Hallmark Collection KB Home ★ $300s (low)
78641 Mockingbird Park Ashton Woods Homes ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Mockingbird Park Cottages Ashton Woods Homes ★ $200s (low)
78641 Oak Creek CastleRock Communities $300s (low)
78641 Oak Creek Megatel Homes $300s (low)
78641 Oak Creek – Estate Meritage Homes ★ $200s (high)
78641 Palmera Ridge Chesmar Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Palmera Ridge 40’s Perry Homes $300s (low)
78641 Palmera Ridge 50′s Trendmaker Homes $200s (high)
78641 Palmera Ridge 50’s Coventry Homes ★ $300s (low)
78641 Palmera Ridge 50’s Highland Homes ★ $300s (mid)
78641 Palmera Ridge 50’s Perry Homes $400s (low)
78641 Palmera Ridge 60’s Coventry Homes ★ $400s (low)
78641 Palmera Ridge 60’s Highland Homes ★ $400s (low)
78641 Palmera Ridge 60’s Perry Homes $400s (mid)
78641 Reagan’s Overlook Century Communities ★ $600s (mid)
78641 Sarita Valley Pinehurst Homes $300s (low)
78641 South Street Villas Idea Homes Coming Soon
78641 Summerlyn Centex Homes ★ $200s (low)
78641 Travisso Drees Custom Homes $600s (low)
78641 Travisso – Capri Collection Toll Brothers $300s (mid)
78641 Travisso – Florence Collection Toll Brothers $500s (high)
78641 Travisso – Naples Collection Toll Brothers $500s (mid)
78641 Travisso – Siena Collection Taylor Morrison ★ $500s (mid)
78641 Travisso – Siena Collection Toll Brothers $400s (mid)
78641 Valley Vista GFO Home ★ $300s (low)
78641 Valley Vista Pacesetter Homes ★ $200s (low)
78641 Valley Vista Estates Pacesetter Homes ★ $200s (mid)
78641 Vista Ridge Estates Coventry Homes ★ $300s (high)
78641 Wild Rock Brookfield Residential ★ $300s (high)
78641 Wildleaf D.R. Horton ★ $200s (mid)

If your clients can’t find a new home in Leander, something is very wrong. Leander is one of the biggest markets in the Austin area right now, with over sixty (yes, you read that right – 60!) different community options from over ten different builders. About 30 miles and 30 minutes north of Austin, this huge suburb is also a great place to live for people who work and play in Austin, but who don’t want to pay Austin prices. Aside from boasting a huge selection of homes of different styles and price points, Leander is quite the package in itself.

What Leander Has to Offer

The community in Leander caters to a number of lifestyles, from active adults to families with small children and anything in between. If your clients are the active type, they’re going to love the 6 miles of multiuse trail, the dozens of parks, and the golf and disc golf courses they will have access to. On top of that, there are a number of areas to access Lakewood Park, a wonderful area to spend a day by the water. The city’s recreation center is excellent at organizing activities and events for all ages, and encourages people to get involved.

Crystal Falls Golf Club (1)
Crystal Falls Golf Club (3)
Crystal Falls Golf Club (2)

Crystal Falls Golf Club / crystalfallsgolf.com

Leander residents can access the city’s calendar straight from their website, and pick up on events like story times at the library, LEGO clubs, and used book sales. There are a variety of holiday festivals, and this city of nearly 38,000 people still manages to keep the small town community feel. Your clients can enjoy a rich cultural experience, as well, with a variety of restaurants in the area that cater to every palate.

Leander even has an H-E-B Plus!, a Target, and easy access to the Lakeline Mall whenever those shopping cravings hit. Home buyers can rest easy knowing that they are within short driving distance of three major medical centers and hospitals, as well. For parents of school-aged children, Leander Independent School District is another strong selling point. There are 25 amazing elementary schools (yes, 25!), eight exceptional middle schools, and six great high schools to choose from. Odds are, your clients and their kids will find a school and a house beyond their expectations.

Regardless of age, lifestyle, budget, or tastes, Leander seems to be the community to beat in terms of quality options and benefits for your clients. Show them their favorite home builder in Leander, or show them something new – they’re bound to fall in love with something here!

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