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Posted by Viktoria Dolinaj on February 25, 2020

Tips from Toni: Visit New Home Communities as Part of your Showings

Let’s talk about one reason Agents leave money on the table by not having New Home Communities as part of their showings. Fear…

Maybe you are a new realtor and you don’t know how to approach the sales counselor inside the model office.

Don’t worry. None of them bite…hard 🙂

The unknown is a bit fearful. You don’t want to show your clients that you don’t have the knowledge about new homes.

You don’t want to show them you have no idea of the construction process. Or how using the preferred lender works. You want to come across as the expert in all things real estate.

So you pass up showing new home communities.

But just like you didn’t know how to become a Realtor until you took classes, you aren’t going to know how easy it is to sell a new home until you walk into a model home office.

Sales Counselors are not to be feared. They are there to help you.

They are more than happy to educate your clients on the process of purchasing a new home. It’s actually easier for an Agent to allow the sales counselor to do this.

Don’t overlook new home communities. Working as a team with a new home sales counselor will allow you to make more sales and become an expert in a real estate niche often passed over. Also, sales counselors often hold free, informative events in their model homes for you to better learn about the processes.

Remember, sales counselors are there to assist you and your clients in any way that is possible. Their goal is make the sale easy for you. They love referrals, too.

As you add more new home communities to your showings, the more time it will free you up for you to show more clients new homes… which hopefully translates to more closings.

Learn more from Toni – she loves to educate and partner with agents! You can find her at Stonewall Ranch in Liberty Hill. Priced from the low $200’s.

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