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Posted by Ronilo Palama on May 16, 2023
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  • If you could go in the future and hear one of your buyer's kids describe their childhood memories in the community, what would they be saying?

    When warmly reminiscing on their childhood in Lariat, I think they will share how fun it was on hot summer days to walk down to the fishing pond! They would describe how they’d sit on the dock and hang out. Fishing some, but mostly just joking and laughing. Remembering how it felt like a special place had been designed for them. They’ll remember taking their dogs to the dog park. They’ll love remembering how they were able to walk home from elementary school with their best friends. They’ll talk about how sandwiches and Doritos tasted extra good after spending hours playing in the splash pad and pool. They’ll laugh over the nights when they were so busy playing at the basketball court that they didn’t even notice how dark it was getting, and by the time they ran home, they were in big trouble!

    More than anything else, they’ll talk about how nice it was to live in a real community, where they could know their neighbors and always have somewhere to play.

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  • How can agents help you get the word out about your community?

    Connect and post with us on social media!

    Better yet, visit us and bring your fellow agents! Join us for coffee on June 10th, 10 am-12 pm in Lariat

  • What will your homeowners be doing on the weekends?

    Take in all that Lariat and Liberty Hill have to offer!!! In the future, there will be so many excellent amenities to enjoy in Lariat, you won’t be able to do them all in one weekend! Additionally, there are over 12 local boutiques to shop at! I love to try new restaurants so I love that there are SO many local restaurants and they are DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! Wineries, distilleries, breweries, and more – Liberty Hill has tons to explore.

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  • What nearby restaurant would you recommend if an agent and potential buyer were leaving your community to go have lunch?

    So many good choices to pick from! Dahlia Cafe is a perfect choice for an Agent and their client – it’s impossible to not find something there. I HIGHLY recommend the southwestern salad with the blackened chicken (my mouth is literally watering) and the chicken fried chicken with the jalapeno gravy. Yum, yum, YUM!

  • Tell us why the last buyer decided to purchase there?

    Our most recent customer is someone who has previously purchased a Perry Home, so he is aware of the level of excellence that goes into everything we do. He was so excited to find us in Lariat because of how beautiful and peaceful the community is. Lariat is at the end of CR 214, so there is just a special level of tranquility here that is becoming harder to find – I think it is going to be what really sets this community apart!

    It also doesn’t hurt that we are able to offer such a quality and well-designed home at a great price point. I currently have inventory homes starting in the low $400s!

  • What do you love about your job?

    It sounds so cheesy, but I really do have my dream job and believe this is what I am meant to do! Connecting with others is what fills my cup. Buying a home is one of the most major milestones in someone’s life, and they’re trusting us and inviting us to be with them through that journey. I don’t take that lightly and find such fulfillment in being a supporter, problem solver, and cheerleader for my clients!

  • What are the top reasons to buy a Perry home?

    I have such passion for our superior design, soaring ceilings, walls of windows, and a floor plan to fit every need! However, when purchasing a home, I think it is important to remember that not only do you want beauty, but you want to invest in a home of the highest quality. I am proud to work for a builder that stands for excellence and has the highest integrity.

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Savannah Cisneros

Perry Homes – Lariat

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