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Builder Boost Helps Agents Boost Business : Here are 5 Key Resources

Posted by Builder Boost on May 4, 2019

At Builder Boost, our focus is on the connection between agents and builders. There is still nothing more important in real estate today than personal relationships! Your degree of success hinges upon what you know and who you know.


Our mission is to keep agents connected and knowledgeable about new home construction so that they are highly valuable to their clients. Our team collects, organizes, and consolidates information so that agents have quick access to all the latest inventory, promotions, grand openings, closeouts, and events.


At Builder Boost, we make it easier for agents to navigate the new home market by providing them with up-to-date accurate information and personalized service.

Here are a few tips on how to utilize the Builder Boost resources and services to BOOST YOUR Real Estate Business:

1. Know the new home inventory in your market!

Builder Boost provides agents with an exclusive weekly Agent Only Inventory Lists. (Many homes not yet on MLS.)


Did you know that each and every week Builder Boost gets all the latest inventory updates directly from the builders? This means that you have exclusive up-to-date information before it hits web portals or even the MLS. The new home market moves fast and because homes are in various stages of construction, pricing fluctuates often. Your connection with us makes you even more valuable to your clients as they do not have access to this information and it can often be tedious for them to research new construction on their own.


FAQ: “Why don’t you just put the information out to the public and let them search on our portal or our link?”


New construction pricing and availability fluctuates and changes daily. Agents know this and are the best to explain this to their clients. Builder Boost works hard to stay on top of these changes so that we can provide accurate up- to –date information for you to then pass on to your clients. Most of all, we want to give agents this information so that they are knowledgeable and of tremendous value to their clients. Agent only information is powerful and keeps YOU leading the charge and it truly helps your client to stay on track.


Pro Tip 1: Let your sphere know that because you have connections, you have access to lists of new home inventory. Run a weekly facebook ad or a simple post letting the world know that you have a list of new construction homes and many are not yet online. Be consistent in your messaging. When someone in your network begins to think about purchasing NEW, they will think of you.


Pro Tip 2: Download the weekly inventory list each week from Builder Boost. Filter the cities, filter the school districts, filter for pricing. Analyze your market of focus. There is a lot of knowledge to be gained by reviewing new home pricing and availability in certain areas. This will help you talk the talk to your buyers whether they buy a resale or a new construction home.


You can download the Weekly Austin New Home Inventory List Here.

You can download the Weekly San Antonio New Home Inventory List Here.

2. Know the builder sales reps! Make strong connections!

Builder Boost provides agents with a calendar that is always full of CE Classes, Workshops, Grand Opening Events, Builder Tours, and Important Real Estate Related Events.


Our team strives to make the Builder Boost Calendar the go-to resource for all builder related events. When you click on events, you can find full information on time, place, directions, and places to RSVP.


FAQ: “Why should I go to builder events? I can get all the information online.”


We know you are busy. Sometimes it can be hard to schedule builder events on your calendar. We suggest going to the ones that are in your area of focus when you can. These events not only give you insider information but knowing the sales representatives is so valuable. Next time you come in with clients, you will already have a rapport with the onsite sales rep.


Pro Tip: Add the Builder Boost calendar to your own, so that when we update, you have the latest information. Or, simply add it to your bookmarks and check often!


Bookmark the Austin Calendar of Builder and Real Estate Related Events Here.

Bookmark the San Antonio Calendar of Builder and Real Estate Related Events Here.

3. Know your builders! Know the latest promotions, incentives, and NEWS.

The Builder Boost Book is a comprehensive resource that is constantly being updated with all the latest builder news.


Just flipping through the pages once a week will keep you informed and knowledgeable. Builder Boost gets weekly updates directly from the builders’ marketing directors.


FAQ: “Where can I pick up a copy of the Builder Boost Book?”


The Builder Boost Book is digital. That means if we get a new update, you get it directly, right away! You never have to worry about looking at an outdated flyer. It is the latest information. It is also eco-friendly!


Pro Tip 1: Bookmark the Builder Boost Book, Add the icon to your home screen. Our favorite… add it to your mobile phone home screen and take builder information where ever you go! It is always at your fingertips.


Pro Tip 2: The table of contents (click on the top left hamburger menu to view) or see all builder logos on page 1. This will let you jump directly to your favorite builders!


You can view the Austin Builder Boost Book Here.

You can view the San Antonio Builder Boost Book Here.

4. Know where all the actively selling new home communities are located!

Builder Boost tracks and updates new home community information for real estate agents each quarter.


In the back of the Builder Boost Book is a favorite resource. The New Home Communities Resource Guide lists all actively selling new home communities by submarket, builder and even has the starting price points.


Pro Tip 1: Review the resource, especially in your submarkets of focus so that you know what has popped up in your area! Have clients looked in an area of town you are not as familiar with? Quickly look at the list and you will quickly know where to plan preview appointments.


Pro Tip 2: Review the corresponding map of new home communities. We all know that brand new communities can be so hard to find on Google Maps or your GPS as streets have not been recorded yet. This map gives you directions to lead you to the entrance so that you can find your way in and follow the signs from there! Quick and easy!


Austin Map and Directions to New Home Communities

San Antonio Map and Directions to New Home Communities

Austin LIST of all actively selling New Home Communities

San Antonio LIST of all actively selling New Home Communities

5. New Home Concierge Service! It’s Complimentary. It saves a ton of time! It uncovers opportunity!

We’re here to help agents navigate the new home market. Think of us as an extension of your team.


Have you ever spent hours scouring the MLS and looking at websites only to come up with NO matches for a buyer need? If you are searching for unicorns, we just might be able to help! You simply fill out a form online and our team goes to work for you. If a need matches, we will set you up with the right builder representative.


FAQ: “What is the catch? What is the cost to us agents? Is it coming out of our commission or the builders?”


There is NO catch! The service really is free and we do not take from anyone’s commissions. Our team at Builder Boost simply makes the connection between agents, buyers, and builders because it is a win-win for all involved. We work directly with the builders to help them get their information to busy agents.


Pro Tip 1: Even if your clients are not looking for new, you may want to send in their need. It is always smart to get 1-2 on the showing schedule so that they can compare and so that YOU can make that initial introduction to the new home builders in the area.


Pro Tip 2: Make appointments! This is also a valuable tool for you to make appointments. If you know your clients may consider new, send out the need, get your answers back, and then request an appointment. An appointment ensures the builder is ready and prepared. Now when you go, sit back and let the seasoned builder rep tell your client all about the features and community! Sometimes new build sales will be the easiest transactions of them all.

Have a Buyer Need in Austin – Send it Here. Bookmark the link for easy access each time!

Have a Buyer Need in San Antonio – Send it Here. Bookmark the link for easy access each time!


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