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Posted by Ronilo Palama on April 11, 2023
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  • What is your best advice for new home buyers?

    Know your budget before you start the search process.

  • Where are you from originally?

    California-born and Texas-grown!!!!!!

  • Tell us an interesting detail about you that many might not know?

    I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and I do CrossFit every day!

  • What is your favorite podcast?

    The Resilience Podcast

  • How did you get into homebuilding?

    I have always been intrigued by this business but never really knew where to start until a friend of mine introduced me to Coventry Homes!!!!

  • What do you love about homebuilding?

    The families and being a part of such an important milestone in their lives!

  • What experience would you repeat?

    I don’t have one in particular but any that brings me fulfillment and joy!

  • What is one thing you want people to know about your community?

    It’s beautiful out here, Sandbrock Ranch offers comfort, convenience, friendly neighbors, and exceptional amenities.

  • What are 3 adjectives that describe you best?

    • Level headed
    • Empathetic
    • Creative
  • What is one of your favorite things to do in your city?

    Eating Tex Mex/Margaritas =)

  • What is your favorite Model, Floorplan or Feature?

    I personally LOVE our Haskell floorplan, because I love how functional it is!

  • What lights you up in life?

    God and my daughters!!!!!

  • What have you heard or listened to lately that has inspired you?

    Honestly, I get inspired and admire those who choose kindness every day. Those who do the smallest kind gestures and make the biggest impact on people!

  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?

    Strive to be the best version of yourself at all times!

  • What are one or two books that have changed you?

    “Leaders Eat Last” and “Start with Why?”

Sadie H. Azami

Coventry Homes – Sandbrock Ranch – Aubrey, Texas

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