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76131 Bar C Ranch D.R. Horton – Express Homes $200s (low)
76131 Berkshire American Legend Homes $300s (high)
76131 Berkshire – Classic M/I Homes $300s (low)
76131 Berkshire – Meadow Series Meritage Homes ★ $200s (high)
76131 Berkshire – Reserve M/I Homes $200s (mid)
76131 Berkshire – Woodland Series Meritage Homes ★ $300s (low)
76140 Brook Meadow Sandlin Homes $200s (low)
76112 Carol Oaks North Legend Homes ★ $200s (low)
76262 Chadwick Farms Grand Homes $300s (high)
76108 Chapin Village Historymaker Homes $200s (low)
76018 Chapin Village Meritage Homes ★ $200s (low)
76123 Chisholm Trail Ranch Antares Homes $200s (high)
76123 Chisholm Trail Ranch Historymaker Homes $200s (mid)
76123 Chisholm Trail Ranch Sandlin Homes $300s (low)
76036 Chisholm Trail Ranch Trendmaker Homes $200s (high)
76036 Chisholm Trail Ranch – Discovery Collection Trendmaker Homes $200s (mid)
76131 Copper Creek D.R. Horton $200s (low)
76131 Copper Creek KB Home $200s (low)
76131 Copper Creek M/I Homes $200s (low)
76131 Copper Creek – Brookstone Lennar $200s (mid)
76131 Copper Creek Estates KB Home $200s (high)
76036 Crescent Springs D.R. Horton – Express Homes $200s (low)
76114 Edgewater David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (mid)
76052 Elizabeth Creek Centex Coming Soon
76052 Elizabeth Creek Pulte Homes Coming Soon
76137 Fossil Creek – Enclave Pulte Homes $200s (high)
76177 Hawthorne Meadows D.R. Horton $200s (mid)
76244 Heather Meadows Impression Homes Coming Soon
76244 Heritage Bluffs Hilltop Village Builders $400s (high)
76244 Heritage Bluffs Hilltop 75’s Village Builders $500s (low)
76244 Hideaway Acres Lillian Custom Homes $300s (low)
76108 Highlands at Chapel Creek D.R. Horton – Express Homes $200s (low)
76244 Hutson Oaks Bloomfield Homes $300s (low)
76179 Innisbrook Place Riverside Homebuilders $200s (mid)
76140 Kingspoint Antares Homes Coming Soon
76179 La Frontera First Texas Homes $300s (mid)
76179 Lake Vista Ranch Historymaker Homes $200s (mid)
76179 Lakepointe Centex $200s (mid)
76118 Lakes of River Trails David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (mid)
76118 Lakes of River Trails Trendmaker Homes $300s (low)
76118 Lakes of River Trails – Gardens David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (low)
76131 Las Ventanas Lennar $200s (high)
76131 Las Ventanas Riverside Homebuilders $200s (high)
76108 Live Oak Creek Impression Homes $200s (mid)
76108 Live Oak Creek Sandlin Homes $200s (high)
76123 Llano Springs First Texas Homes $300s (low)
76123 Llano Springs Gray Point Homes $200s (low)
76123 Llano Springs Lennar $200s (low)
76123 Llano Springs Megatel Homes Not published
76123 Llano Springs – Primrose Crossing Lennar $200s (low)
76123 Llano Springs Watermill Lennar $200s (low)
76179 Marine Creek Ranch Coventry Homes $200s (high)
76179 Marine Creek Ranch First Texas Homes $300s (low)
76179 Marine Creek Ranch Impression Homes $200s (high)
76036 Newberry Point Centex Coming Soon
76036 Newberry Point Pulte Homes Coming Soon
76052 Northstar D.R. Horton Coming Soon
76051 Northstar Historymaker Homes $200s (low)
76179 Northstar Riverside Homebuilders Coming Soon
76123 Parkview Estates D.R. Horton – Express Homes Coming Soon
76179 Parkview Hills – Classic Lennar $200s (low)
76179 Parkview Hills – Cottage Lennar $100s (high)
76137 Parkwood Trails Gehan Homes $200s (mid)
76244 Pheasant Crossing Bloomfield Homes $300s (mid)
76179 Pioneer Point Antares Homes Coming Soon
76179 Pioneer Point D.R. Horton $200s (low)
76123 Rainbow Ridge Impression Homes $200s (low)
76120 Randol Mill Valley Estates Gehan Homes $200s (mid)
76179 Red Eagle Place Lillian Custom Homes $200s (low)
76179 Red Eagle Townhomes Lillian Custom Homes $100s (high)
76131 Ridgeview Farms Centex $200s (low)
76131 Ridgeview Farms Gray Point Homes $200s (mid)
76131 Ridgeview Farms Lennar $200s (mid)
76177 Riverside Place Megatel Homes Not published
76036 Rosemary Ridge Antares Homes $200s (low)
76036 Rosemary Ridge Bloomfield Homes $200s (mid)
76052 Sendera Ranch – Brookstone Lennar $200s (mid)
76052 Sendera Ranch – Classic Lennar $200s (low)
76052 Sendera Ranch – Watermill Lennar $200s (low)
76262 Seventeen Lakes Coventry Homes $300s (low)
76119 Sierra Vista Carnegie Homes $100s (mid)
76036 Summer Creek Ranch D.R. Horton – Express Homes $200s (low)
76123 Sunset Pointe Pulte Homes $200s (low)
76179 Talon Hill Carnegie Homes $200s (mid)
76123 Tavolo Park Shaddock Homes $300s (mid)
76123 Tavolo Park 50’s Highland Homes $300s (mid)
76123 Tavolo Park 60’s Highland Homes $400s (low)
76123 Tavolo Park Classics David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (high)
76123 Tavolo Park Cottages David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (low)
76177 Tehama Bluffs D.R. Horton Closing Out
76028 Thomas Crossing Windmiller Homes $300s (low)
76247 Trails of Elizabeth Creek D.R. Horton $200s (mid)
76179 Twin Mills D.R. Horton $200s (low)
75019 Ventana Meritage Homes ★ $200s (mid)
76126 Ventana Trendmaker Homes $300s (low)
76126 Ventana 50’s Perry Homes $300s (low)
76126 Ventana 60’s Perry Homes $400s (low)
76126 Ventana Brookstone Lennar $300s (low)
76008 Viridian Toll Brothers $700s (low)
76008 Walsh Toll Brothers $400s (mid)
76008 Walsh 60’s Drees Custom Homes $500s (low)
76008 Walsh 70’s Drees Custom Homes $500s (mid)
76008 Walsh 70’s Perry Homes – Britton Homes $600s (low)
76008 Walsh Classic David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (high)
76008 Walsh Cottage David Weekley Homes ★ $300s (low)
76008 Walsh Gardens David Weekley Homes ★ $200s (high)
76008 Walsh Townhomes Perry Homes $300s (low)
76131 Watersbend Bloomfield Homes $200s (high)
76131 Watersbend D.R. Horton – Express Homes $200s (low)
76131 Watersbend Gehan Homes $300s (low)
76244 Watson Creek – Ascend K. Hovnanian Homes $300s (low)
76052 Wellington American Legend Homes $300s (low)
76179 Western Ridge Meritage Homes ★ $200s (low)
76008 Westworth Falls Toll Brothers $800s (high)
76052 Willow Ridge Estates Pulte Homes $200s (high)
76107 Wingate West 7th InTown Homes $500s (low)

Diversity and Everyday Life in Fort Worth

West of Dallas off I-30 W, Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in Texas and the 13th largest city in the United States. Fort Worth was established in the mid-1800s with a population of just a few hundred in the following years. As of 2016, the estimated population was over 850,000 residents. This big Texas city has something for everyone: varied cultures in different districts, walkable neighborhoods, historic sites and museums, and so much more.

Welcome to Fort Worth /

Fort Worth Water Gardens /

Wandering Around Fort Worth

When your clients head to downtown Fort Worth, they can explore the different entertainment districts in the area that are just a few miles apart from one another. Downtown Fort Worth is a popular district for shopping and restaurants. Visitors can relax in Burnett Park, explore Fort Worth Water Gardens, or catch a musical act at Bass Performance Hall. Or, history lovers can head northwest, to Stockyards National Historic District and its cowboy and outlaw culture. There’s the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, Stockyards Museum, and the world’s largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas. South of I-30, foodies will love Near Southside District’s “restaurant row.” This eclectic district is bursting with sidewalk cafes, vegan eateries, coffee shops, craft ice cream shops, and breweries.

Molly the Trolley / So Cal Metro

Bass Performance Hall /

Stockyards Championship Rodeo /

Looking for locally owned, trendy businesses and boutiques? Camp Bowie District has unique bakeries, shops, and dining spots galore. Each Fort Worth district has its own personality and culture to offer. And as a bonus, each main district is easily accessible on a network of connected walking trails. If you’re giving your feet a rest, there’s also a rail service, a free downtown trolley service called Molly the Trolley, and bike share docking stations throughout the city.

Entertainment and culture aside, Fort Worth also has a healthy hospitality and tourism economy, thanks to the over 9 million out-of-town visitors to the city every year. The steady influx of tourists in 2017 helped create over 23,000 jobs, stimulating the economy. Fort Worth has been previously rated as one of the best cities to buy a home, a top city for young professionals, and one of the most underrated cities in the United States. Fort Worth has also scored high for LGBTQ inclusiveness, and is gaining traction as a welcoming, exciting destination for LGBTQ travelers.

If your clients are searching for a large, diverse city with its own vibe, an active downtown scene, and a steady economy, take them on a tour of a new community in Fort Worth now. They’re sure to love this bustling Texas city — and all the homes it has to offer.

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