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Focus on New Home Sales in the 4th Quarter to Boost Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Jelli Mora on October 27, 2019

Concentrating on new home communities and ramping up your marketing efforts during these last few months can be surprisingly rewarding, both financially and professionally.

That’s why we’re sharing just a few ways that focusing on new homes in the fourth quarter can boost your real estate business.

Bonus incentives from homebuilders

For most homebuilders, the end of the fourth quarter signals the end of their fiscal year. Since they are typically publicly traded companies, homebuilders are often pushed to meet end-of-year sales goals set by shareholders. Because of this, builders tend to offer more incentives and bonuses toward the end of Q4 so they can meet these sales goals.

As builders approach the end of the fiscal calendar, they are often left with standing inventory they would rather sell than mark as an expense in the New Year. Homebuilders are more motivated to move leftover inventory during this time, resulting in lower prices for buyers and elevated commissions for agents. The commission that homebuilders offer during the fourth quarter can sometimes be as high as 6% — including bonuses — making this a prime time for you to market new home communities and increase your income.

More savings for your clients

The fourth quarter is also full of opportunities for deals and price cuts for your clients.

Help your clients see the amazing savings available to them during the fourth quarter; you may just be able to sway those “on the fence” buyers (you know the ones) who would otherwise wait until spring to buy. Imagine the impact that getting just 2 to 4 more people to make the move in Q4 could have on your business. Not only would this mean that you get them into a new home before the end of the year (and earn a commission in the process), but you also get to list and sell some clients’ resale homes. It’s a win-win-win as far as we’re concerned!

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More networking possibilities

As simple as it is, networking is one of the greatest tools a real estate agent has at their disposal. By going onsite to meet homebuilders and attending conferences or industry events, you’ll be creating connections and building lasting relationships that will surely benefit you later on. Thanks to the slower pace of the holiday season, the fourth quarter provides the perfect opportunity to network so you can learn as much as possible about new homes, communities in your area, and the teams that work on-site during real estate’s “off-season.”

Establishing strong relationships with homebuilder agents is a great way to acquire consistent listings for your business and provide reliable resources for your home buying clients. These new connections can also inspire you to create new ideas and strategies for the upcoming year.

The rewards for Realtors during the fourth quarter are ripe for the picking if you know how to leverage Q4 properly. If you want to boost your income and see business pick up (instead of slow down) this winter, it’s time to really focus on those new home opportunities. You’ll be glad you did!


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