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Posted by Viktoria Dolinaj on April 8, 2023

Advantages of building a new home

Can you speak to the energy efficiency features of new homes and how they can save buyers money in the long run?

Can you tell us about the warranties and guarantees that aren’t available with a resale property?

Can you explain the latest design trends and how buying new can allow buyers to stay ahead of the curve?

How does buying new often offer the potential opportunity for buyers to build equity quickly?

What are some of the hidden costs that buyers might face when buying a resale property that they wouldn’t have to worry about with a new build?

How does buying new typically involve lower maintenance costs than a resale property?

Can you speak to the safety features of new homes, such as the latest construction materials and technology?

How does buying new allow for a more stress-free home buying experience, since the buyer doesn’t have to worry about issues like competing offers or bidding wars?

Timeline and communication during the building process

Can you walk me through the typical timeline for a new build, from start to finish?

How does the timeline vary based on the size and complexity of the home being built?

How often will the buyer be updated on the progress of their home during the build process?

Can you show timelines for homes about to close to give us a little peace of mind for how long recent closings took?

What does communication look like regarding progress, walk-throughs, closing, etc?

Who handles construction questions or concerns if those ever arise?

Can we have a continual group text thread going so that everyone (buyer, agent, rep) are always on the same page? Or do you already have a great working system where we are all looped in so we stay in the know together?

What are some potential delays that could affect the timeline, and how does the builder handle them?

How does the builder handle unexpected issues that arise during the build process, and what is their protocol for keeping the buyer informed?

Can you explain how the final walk-through process works, and what the buyer should expect during this stage?

How does the builder handle any necessary repairs or touch-ups after the final walk-through, and what is their protocol for ensuring buyer satisfaction?


What is the earnest money deposit? Can you explain how it works?

What is the process for financing a new build, and what options are available to buyers?

Can you tell me about why you use your preferred lender and the benefits?

When can interest rates be locked in by your lender?

What is not included in your homes that we would want to budget for post-close?

What is the tax rate here?

HOA fees?


How much do your customers typically spend at the design center for homes in this community?

What are your standard features?

How many upgrades are in your inventory homes I’ve toured?

Are there additional deposits at design center?

What is your change order policy?

Can you provide examples of some popular upgrades that buyers have chosen in the past?

How does the builder handle any upgrades or customizations that may affect the timeline or cost of the build?

Community Benefits

Why are people choosing this community?

Can you tell me about the amenities that are available to residents within the community, such as parks, trails, or community centers?

Are there any planned events or activities for residents, such as holiday parties or neighborhood gatherings?

What is the sense of community like within this neighborhood, and how do residents get involved?

Are there any local schools or educational programs that are particularly strong within this community?

How accessible is public transportation in the area, and are there any plans for expansion or improvement in the future?

Are there any nearby shopping or dining options that residents can enjoy, and what is the overall convenience of the location?

How does living in this community provide a high quality of life for its residents, and what are some of the key benefits of being a part of this neighborhood?

Customer satisfaction

How are your customer satisfaction surveys here at ________?

How do you measure customer satisfaction, and what is your satisfaction rating with past customers?

Buying new means the benefit of almost zero maintenance. And you get a warranty – an entire team servicing you and your new home. What does that look like here with _______ ?

How do you handle customer complaints or concerns during the build process or after move-in?

How do you handle warranty claims, and what is your warranty coverage for new homes?

Do you have any customer testimonials or references that you can share?

How do you incorporate customer feedback into your building process and improve upon your services?

What steps do you take to ensure that your customers feel valued and supported throughout the entire home-building process?

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