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Posted by Ronilo Palama on September 4, 2019
Meet Wendy Flynn
  • Why do you love selling new construction?

    New construction is so exciting…I feel like I am part of the shopping experience!  I even drag my husband around town to new home communities and models just for fun.

  • Where are you from originally?

    Although I’m originally from San Antonio, I’ve lived most of my life in the Houston area.

  • Growing up, what did you want to be?

    When I was little, I wanted to be a gymnast.

  • What do you love about home-building?

    I love all the different features and options, allowing you to customize a home exactly to your taste.

  • What experience would you repeat?

    Do I have to choose just one? I’ll categorize:

    1. Fun: moving around when I was in my twenties. I moved about 10 times, living in various cities across 3 states; my dad called me his gypsy daughter?

    2. Serious: First time at college. Although I didn’t leave with a degree at the time, I learned some much needed lessons about life. Side note, I did go back to school and finish my degree!

    3. Sentimental: I’d love to have more time with my grandmothers; they were both remarkable women.

  • What are 3 adjectives that describe you best?

    Loyal, Smart, and Funny.

  • What is one of your favorite things to do in your city?

    I wasn’t lying when I said I like to look at model homes. Seriously, though, the Houston area has something to offer just about anyone: parks, restaurants, shopping, concerts, and sports to name a few. About the only thing Houston doesn’t offer is snow skiing, but we have 2 world class airports where you can catch a plane to your favorite ski resort.



  • What is your favorite Model, Floor-plan or Feature?

    Right now, for personal reasons, I’m loving Village Builders Next Gen plans. My parents are aging and my father has Alzheimer’s. When the time comes, Village Builders Next Gen plans would enable us to bring my parents into our home, while still providing them their own space. This would free up their income to pay for home healthcare in the hopes of not having to place my dad in a memory care facility.

  • What is the best advice you have ever been given?

    Always do better, always be your best you.

  • What lights you up in life?

    Family. What can I say? I’ve been blessed with wonderful family, both the one I was born with and the ones I have married into or have married into mine.

  • Do you have someone in your life that has been an exceptional mentor? Who? Why?

    I can’t really say I’ve had a mentor, but I have had some great role models, most of whom are family. From my parents, to grandparents, my Aunts and Uncles, to my siblings and cousins, all have left an indelible mark on my life and helped shape me into the person I am today. They all have characteristics that I hope to emulate. At the risk of sounding cliché: strength, integrity, perseverance, kind, creative, and a wicked awesome sense of humor ?.

Wendy Flynn

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