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Posted by Ronilo Palama on May 23, 2023
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  • What is your best advice for new home buyers?

    I’ve got two! When planning on purchasing a home, it’s natural to ask for opinions from your friends and family but don’t let their opinions deter you about when the right time is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say “I should have bought when XYZ”. The right time is when you’re ready, willing, and able. Second, if you’re building from the ground up, my advice would be to take pictures of what’s underneath the sheetrock and neatly label the rooms/walls so you can reference them later! This will not only help YOU when you decide to add your personal touch, but it’ll benefit a new homeowner to keep the integrity of what you built when you decide to move on.

  • Where are you from originally?

    I have a native Houstonian!

  • What are 3 adjectives that describe you best?

    “Determined, Sincere, and Goofy”
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  • What is your favorite podcast?

    My current favorite is the Hidden Brain! It addresses a variety of subjects in such an eloquent way and we’re all about class here! Professionally, I enjoy The Loan Officer Podcast and even find myself sending them to our buyers!

  • How did you get into homebuilding?

    I actually used to be an elementary school teacher and was looking into transitioning my career around the time COVID hit. An old friend of mine said there was an opening for a part-time sales assistant with Zibah, a sales counselor in Meridiana, who I’ve known since a young age. I started off working on the weekends when I wasn’t in the classroom. As much as I love teaching, I knew it was time to take the leap. So I resigned and worked my way up to full-time and fell in love with the company’s culture and core values. Now here I am, two years since I created that vision and I’m loving every minute of it!

  • What is one of your favorite things to do in your city?

    I love playing sand volleyball at the Powder Keg and spending time reading at different coffee shops and parks.
  • What is one thing you want people to know about your community?

    We are in our final phases in Cane Island, with three opportunities remaining to build in the 65s! We offer a variety of products, plans, and prices, are zoned to Katy ISD, and are conveniently located in proximity to all of i10’s shopping and experiences!

  • What is your favorite Model, Floorplan or Feature?

    I have two-floor plans that come to mind! I love the 542 in the 55′ wide classic series and the infamous 216 in our 65′ wide classic series. The 218 is quickly moving up my list of favorites as well! When I purchased my home, natural light and flow were one of the top requirements on my list and these plans are meticulous in ensuring that!

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  • What have you heard or listened to lately that has inspired you?

    I love words so I either read, podcast, or audible on the daily. I couldn’t pinpoint one specific end-all inspirational quote, but after a while, that consumption starts to subconsciously seep into your life organically. With that said, an overall life lesson is to live HERE and NOW, where your feet are planted. Don’t be afraid to get your feet muddy. Constantly harping on the past or thinking about the future will make you realize how quickly life has passed you by.

  • What lights you up in life?

    Looking around the room filled with people I love just existing together and thinking, wow, I just love this moment and these people. That and of course, vacationing outdoors!

  • Do you have someone in your life that has been an exceptional mentor? Who? Why?

    Yes! Industry-specific, I’ve been blessed to learn from some of the best sales counselors! Troy Varshochi and Jack Ladenheim have been the best mentors in this industry. They encourage and embrace the creative side of me, no matter how silly. They let me do me the best way I know how! They’re both on different ends as far as their personal touch and style, so learning from different ends has helped me find a cozy balance.

Adiba Ratani

Highland Homes – Cane Island


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