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77301Arbor PlaceStylecraft Builders$200s (low)
77302ArtaviaDavid Weekley Homes$300s (low)
77302ArtaviaJ. Patrick Homes$400s (low)
77302ArtaviaWestin Homes$300s (low)
77302Artavia 50’sHighland Homes ★$200s (mid)
77302Artavia 50’sPerry Homes$200s (mid)
77385Artavia 55’sCoventry Homes$200s (mid)
77302Artavia 60’sHighland Homes ★$300s (low)
77302Artavia 65’sCoventry Homes$300s (mid)
77302Artavia 70’sRavenna Homes$400s (mid)
77301Barton WoodsD.R. Horton$200s (low)
77304Chase RunLGI Homes$200s (low)
77303Deer PinesFirst America Homes$200s (mid)
77303Deer Trail EstatesD.R. Horton$200s (high)
77303Deer Trail EstatesFirst America Homes$200s (mid)
77384Fosters RidgeD.R. Horton$200s (low)
77384Fosters Ridge – FreedomD.R. Horton – Freedom Homes$200s (mid)
77384Fosters Ridge EmeraldD.R. Horton – Emerald Homes$300s (high)
77385Grand Central ParkDrees Custom Homes$400s (low)
77304Grand Central ParkHighland Homes ★$200s (mid)
77304Grand Central ParkTrendmaker Homes$200s (high)
77304Grand Central Park – TownhomesCoventry Homes$200s (high)
77304Grand Central Park – Vintage Villas CollectionVillage Builders$200s (high)
77304Grand Central Park 40’sCoventry Homes$200s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 45’sPerry Homes$200s (high)
77304Grand Central Park 50’sDavid Weekley Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 50’sPerry Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 50’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 55sDrees Custom Homes$300s (mid)
77304Grand Central Park 55’sDarling Homes$300s (mid)
77304Grand Central Park 55’sDavid Weekley Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 55’sPerry Homes$300s (mid)
77304Grand Central Park 55’sTaylor Morrison$300s (mid)
77304Grand Central Park 55’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 60’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77304Grand Central Park 65’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77306Granger PinesD.R. HortonComing Soon
77304Graystone Hills – Cambridge and Wentworth CollectionsVillage Builders$200s (high)
77304Graystone Hills – Classic and Kingston CollectionVillage Builders$400s (mid)
77385Harpers PreserveChesmar Homes$200s (mid)
77385Harpers PreserveD.R. Horton$200s (low)
77385Harpers PreserveDrees Custom Homes$400s (high)
77385Harpers PreserveEmpire Communities$300s (low)
77385Harpers PreserveHistorymaker Homes$200s (mid)
77385Harpers PreserveJ. Patrick Homes$500s (low)
77385Harpers PreservePlantation Homes$300s (low)
77301Hidden CreekGreenECO Builders$200s (low)
77301Hidden CreekHistorymaker Homes$100s (high)
77301Hidden Creek PreserveColina Homes$100s (mid)
77304Hills of WestlakeChesmar Homes$200s (low)
77304Hills of WestlakeD.R. Horton$200s (low)
77304Hills of Westlake 50’sDavid Weekley Homes$200s (low)
77304Hills of Westlake 60’sDavid Weekley Homes$200s (mid)
77384Jacobs ReserveCentury Communities$200s (high)
77384Jacobs Reserve EmeraldD.R. Horton – Emerald Homes$600s (mid)
77301Ladera CreekStylecraft Builders$200s (low)
77306Lakewood TrailsRausch Coleman Homes$200s (low)
77301Mackenzie CreekLegend Homes ★$100s (high)
77304Madison BendLegend Homes ★$100s (high)
77306Meadow GlenFirst America Homes$200s (low)
77384StillwaterPartners in Building$800s (low)
77384Stillwater – New Chapel EastGracepoint Homes$200s (mid)
77384Stillwater – New Chapel WestGracepoint Homes$300s (mid)
77384Stillwater – PintailGracepoint Homes$500s (mid)
77384Stillwater – ProsperGracepoint Homes$900s (low)
77384Stillwater – SweetgrassGracepoint Homes$600s (low)
77384Stillwater – The HillGracepoint Homes$400s (mid)
77385The Meadows at Imperial Oaks 40’sPlantation Homes$100s (high)
77385The Meadows at Imperial Oaks 50’sPlantation Homes$200s (low)
77385The Meadows at Imperial Oaks 60’sCoventry Homes$200s (high)
77385The Meadows at Imperial Oaks 70’sCoventry Homes$300s (mid)
77378The Pines at Seven CovesCentex HomesComing Soon
77318The Woodlands HillsCentury Communities$200s (low)
77318The Woodlands HillsChesmar Homes$200s (low)
77318The Woodlands HillsGehan Homes$200s (low)
77318The Woodlands Hills – Artisan Series HomesHighland Homes ★$200s (low)
77318The Woodlands Hills 55’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77318The Woodlands Hills 65’sRavenna Homes$300s (high)
77318The Woodlands Hills 65’sWestin Homes$300s (low)
77318The Woodlands Hills 75’sHighland Homes ★$400s (low)
77318The Woodlands Hills 75’sWestin Homes$300s (high)
77304The Woods of ConroeCentex Homes$100s (mid)
77304Water Crest on Lake Conroe – EmeraldD.R. Horton – Emerald Homes$300s (high)
77304Water Crest on Lake Conroe 50’sD.R. Horton$200s (low)
77306Waukegan WayFirst America HomesNot Published
77304Wedgewood Falls – EstatesChesmar Homes$200s (low)
77304Wedgewood Falls – PreserveKB Home$100s (high)
77304Wedgewood ForestAnglia Homes$200s (low)
77304Wedgewood ForestColina Homes$200s (low)
77304WestlakeFirst America Homes$200s (low)

Adventure Awaits in Conroe

Since it was founded by Isaac Conroe in 1881, the city of Conroe, Texas has grown into a population of over 80,000 residents. Outdoors adventurers, art lovers, foodies, and families looking for a quieter area outside the city will appreciate Conroe.

Conroe is a straight shot north on I-45, about 40 miles away from Houston. However, it’s unlikely that homebuyers will need to trek into the big city for things to do. Conroe is packed with state forests, lakes and rivers. Go fishing or horseback riding in W.G. Jones State Forest, or enjoy the longest continuous hiking trail in Texas on Lone Star Hiking Trail. Spend hot days on the water with friends on a cycleboat, or rent a few kayaks from North Lake Conroe Paddling Company for a quieter activity.

Welcome to Conroe /

Lone Star Hiking Trail /

If your clients are more low-key, Conroe’s parks system and downtown area have plenty to offer. The Central Business District is home to multiple arts venues. Crighton Theatre was built in 1934 and frequently puts on theatrical productions for the community. Conroe Founder’s Plaza and Heritage Place Park host numerous events throughout the year, including farmers’ markets, concerts, and the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival. When traveling outside of the downtown area, homebuyers can stop by Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm with the family. The 20-acre farm allows you to pick your own blueberries from 20 different varieties of the fruit.

Heritage Place Park /

B-52 Brewing /

Lake Conroe /

Everyday Living in Conroe

After a day outdoors or downtown, homebuyers can take the family to one of Conroe’s many highly-rated restaurants. Downtown Conroe’s Red Brick Tavern serves classic pub grub in a nostalgic atmosphere. Conroe’s Incredible Pizza Company is a more casual family joint, which not only serves pizza but games, bumper cars, and mini-golf. Conroe is also home to several great breweries, like Southern Star Brewing near 7 Acre Wood, and B-52 Brewing near Lake Conroe Park, which has lots of shaded outdoor seating.

Homebuyers with families can also enjoy Conroe’s school system and convenient shopping. The Conroe Independent School District has over 61,000 enrolled students in nearly 60 schools, many of which are conveniently located off major roads. Busy parents can head to Pine Hollow Shopping Center east of I-45 to stop at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Lowe’s. Plenty of family doctors, eye clinics, and dentists are centrally located too.

Many new homes are being built in Conroe now for potential homebuyers. Take your clients on a tour of a new community in Conroe so they can find the home of their dreams.

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