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How to Stand Out in Your Real Estate Videos

Posted by Viktoria Dolinaj on December 9, 2019

With millions of Real Estate Agents across the state vying for the attention of homebuyers, what are you doing to stand out from the competition? Many agents are using video marketing to reach out to potential buyers, mostly because real estate listings accompanied by videos get four times more inquiries than photo listings. If done right, you can use video to build trust and communication with potential homebuyers before you even meet them in person.

So, how do you stand out in a sea of other agents’ videos? Stop doing what everyone else is doing! Because so many real estate agents use the same formula, a lot of the real estate videos out there look the same. This can come across as scripted or robotic to homebuyers, who are more likely to pass them over in favor of videos with a bit more personality and depth. Instead of doing what most agents do, you can make real estate videos that truly connect with the buyer and keep them engaged.

Here are some tips to make your real estate videos stand out from the crowd:

Grab their attention from the start

You only have a few seconds to grab a potential homebuyer’s attention. Don’t start your video with the same boring, traditional intro that every other agent is using. Add some excitement and energy to your intro by showing homebuyers why you’re excited about the home — and why they should be, too. Something to avoid is the standard “Hey, guys! I’m here to show you this home today” intro that almost every video starts with. Instead of following that formula, spark curiosity in your audience by giving them an incentive to keep watching. You could start off with something such as:

“Wow, everyone! You’re going to be amazed by the price of these homes out here. I’m going to show you a few features and I want you to guess what you think this fantastic home costs.”

This is a creative way to engage viewers from the very start of the video and keep them around to see the features of the home. To add even more personality to your videos, start somewhere unconventional, or “hide” the best part of the house. You might start in the finished basement with the jacuzzi tub, or start in a hallway where you hype up the room you’re about to walk into. Just have fun with it!

Tell a story about the home

Try to avoid just going through a home and saying “This is the kitchen, this is the living room, this is the bedroom…” etc. People watching will know what the room is. Instead, create a vivid picture of the home and showcase its personality. A good way to put homebuyers into the imaginative mood is by weaving a story for them. Let the audience view themselves in the home; how they would live on a daily basis, entertain guests, or celebrate holidays. You could highlight the living room space and how it opens into the kitchen — how great would that space be for hosting Thanksgiving? The backyard might be an amazing place to host a summer barbeque, or the kitchen island could be the perfect space for afternoon homework. Another great idea is to highlight certain neighborhood amenities and build a narrative around them:

“Do your kids want a pool? Do you not want the cost and maintenance? Imagine living in this community where your kids can grow up and enjoy the community pool. How great would it be to take your Yeti at the end of a long work week and relax with your neighbors by the pool?”

Storytelling and a good dose of imagination will help homebuyers picture themselves in the home more easily, which could just get you an appointment to see it in-person.

Get your audience involved

Instead of blurting out overall statistics of a community, infuse some personality into your video by getting homebuyers involved in the conversation. You don’t want to sound like you’re rattling off facts from a brochure — “This community has a great location. The tax rate is low. There are a lot of great amenities, blah, blah, blah.” Homebuyers will be more likely to tune your video out and move on if they aren’t feeling engaged throughout the whole thing. A good example of dialogue that can keep them engaged might sound like this:

“Okay, everyone. I have a few questions for you! Have you ever done the math on what a lower tax rate does for your purchasing power? Let’s take the price of this home and do a quick scenario of what this lower rate does to the payment vs. what a higher tax rate will do in another community. As you can see, this gives you more purchasing power! How amazing is that?”

By asking questions and getting them talking, you’re opening up the lines of communication and building trust with your audience. This makes them much more likely to choose your listing.

Big takeaway: Don’t be boring

As a Real Estate Agent, you love what you do, right? And you get excited showing clients their potential new home, right?? So why not let that excitement and personality come through in your video? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your videos have to be like everyone else’s to get attention. Think outside of the box and try to find new ways to connect with your homebuyer market through video — a little creativity goes a long way when you want to stand out! If you do anything fun or unique in your real estate videos, let us know! We’re also looking to feature Real Estate Agents who are taking a new approach to helping their clients buy and sell homes.


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