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One Tip to Increase Your New Home Sales

Posted by Builder Boost on February 16, 2019

Recently we asked dozens of onsite builder sales representatives this question:

“If you could pinpoint one thing that you see successful real estate agents do which leads to more new home sales, what would it be?”

We heard the same answer repeatedly.

“When agents make appointments, I am able to clear my schedule, carefully examine all options, and present ideas. Even if it means sending them down the road to another builder if I don’t have something to fit the exact need at the time.”

“It is very rare for my top agents to show up with clients unannounced. They know this ultimately saves them time because I can do all my homework ahead of time and be prepared.”

“When agents rush in and juts ask for a key, I don’t have the opportunity to tell them why the home they are showing may not be desirable (backing to potential commercial property) or what other home just came on the market today.  Knowing this could save the agent hours in their showing schedule that day”

“The majority of successful agents know to call ahead, tell me what their buyers are looking for and what they are like, so that we can work together as a team to build trust and to present the best options for them. I’m there to help them anyway I can. I want them to keep thinking of me as a go-to resource so we can make multiple future sales together.”

Hearing all the reasons why making an appointment can be KEY to success in selling more new homes, we were inspired to share more ideas and tips.

Wow your clients with a new home appointment

Let’s be honest — there’s nothing wrong with stopping in on a new home community if your new clients are craving a peek around. Getting a feel for the neighborhood, seeing how close it is to their office, and even seeing how kid-friendly it is are all great things to check out any time of the day or night. But scheduling an appointment with onsite agents can really WOW you and your clients.


Onsite agents have extensive training.

These onsite agents are literally trained to answer every question a buyer may have. From “How much water do these toilets use?” to “What’s the property tax in this community?” the onsite agent can make your job as a Real Estate Agent 1000% easier.

Onsite agents know the floor plans inside and out.

Do you have clients who need something specific, like a main floor master or an upstairs laundry room? Making an appointment with an onsite agent will make it easy for them to pinpoint which homes to tour so you and your clients don’t have to waste your time.

Onsite agents are really good at pinpointing what clients want.

Are your clients on the fence about whether they need a finished basement or a jacuzzi tub? An onsite agent will be able to ask questions to help narrow in on what your clients want so they don’t get overwhelmed (and so YOU don’t have to do as much digging).

Onsite agents know the area (much better than you do).

Onsite agents are experts in their community and the nearby area, often knowing all about a city. This can give you and your clients information about new schools being built, where a new HEB is going, rezoning for future construction, etc. Of course, all of this knowledge can help even if your client ultimately decides on a resale home down the street.

It’s just plain smart.

Onsite agents juggle design appointments, lending backlog calls, construction manager meetings, tours… the list goes on and on. So when you pop in unscheduled on a Tuesday morning, they may just not be 100% on their game for you or your clients. When you just want to grab a key and take your clients to a completed inventory home, you may miss that this is not the most desirable home in the community and knowing this could have saved you an hour of showing time! They want to help agents save time and help you close more deals, which is why it’s best to work with their schedule.

Schedule a new home appointment today

It’s crazy how much power there is one little appointment, but it’s true. Onsite agents are there to make your job as a Real Estate Agent easier, but they can only do that if they’re available, too. Establishing that appointment can get you into their system and the agent will greet you at the door. They’ll be ready for you and your clients, which makes you look prepared, organized, and connected. This will put your clients at ease and make it that much easier to close the sale.

To schedule an appointment, connect with the Internet Sales Consultants connected to the community you’re considering.

You can also utilize the Builder Boost concierge service, too!

Just let us know what your clients are looking for and we’ll connect you with a builder (and agent) that fits the bill!


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