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New Home Expert Series: 5 Reasons to Be a Part of the New Build Market

Posted by Builder Boost on February 10, 2019

New home in Serene Hills by Ash Creek Homes |

Part Five

As the final part of our New Home Expert Resource Series, we’re going to dive into why you want to jump on the New Home Train now and be a part of the New Build Market. You might be thinking, “Sure I’ll look into that one day!” but that’s not going to help you grow your real estate business now, and it may hinder your opportunities in the future.


Why? New home sales make up about 25% of the total home market, and that number is only going to keep growing. You want to get in the door now so you can make the most of this upward trending market!

Top Five Reasons in Joining the New Build Market:

1. The new home community is a wide network.

Not only will you make clients happy, but by marketing new homes, you’ll be the first one they call for future transactions. Whether their resale listings or new referral clients, new home representatives are people you want to know!

2. Stand out!

How many agents have a real, established niche within the home real estate market? While many realtors have buyer profile preferences or specialize in commercial real estate, not many agents advertise themselves as New Home Experts. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

3. Get in on the new build network.

Onsite builder agents are some of the most trained and educated people you’ll meet, and their networks are massive. By aligning yourself with new builds early on, you’re getting in “on the ground floor” (ha) of wider connections and more potential sales. You’ll be their go-to buyer agent, and they’ll be your go-to builder!

4. Builders do (almost) all the work.

Everything you need to know about a home is provided by the builder, all the lending, and financial stuff is taken care of by the builder liaison, and (almost) all you have to do is register your buyer onsite. Why do more work than you have to?

5. Give yourself insight and access to the future market.

Imagine selling a new build to your clients and then selling a resale home built by that builder or in that same community – or even that same house! – in a few years. According to the National Association of Home Builders, average homeowners plan on staying in a home for 13 years. Imagine, in 13 years, knowing the inventory, history, and value of homes that will be entering the market!



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Hopefully, this New Home Expert Resource Series has nudged you into the new build market. With new home sales, you’re going to grow your real estate business in record time and make your clients oh-so-happy. Why put in more work and reap fewer benefits with resale homes when new home builders are ready and waiting?


Now go sell some houses!


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