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New Home Expert Series: 5 More New Home Expert Tips

Posted by Builder Boost on August 20, 2019
New Home Expert Tips

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Part Two

If you’ve been following our New Home Expert Resource Series, you’ve already taken your first step to becoming a New Home Expert! Hopefully, you’ve added a new home community to your showing list and maybe even have a few clients registered.

This week, we’re going more in-depth on the benefits of working with our new home builders. While you can probably imagine the upsides of owning a new home, many agents and their clients don’t realize how much new builds influence.

These new home expert tips will help you in becoming a new home expert with Builder Boost and can separate you from other agents in the current market, and better prepare you for the future of the new home industry.

Top 5 New Home Expert Tips:

1. New home builders not only sell the latest trends and styles in home decor, styling, and floor plans,

they also are pioneers of new trends and take into account consumer desires. This means that your clients are getting homes that are modern, fresh, and look amazing. It’s an easy sell for you! They are also setting trends for the future home sales, so you’ll be “in the know” about what’s hot and what’s not.

2. New homes are not “traditional listings.”

Your clients can look on a generic real estate website to find listings for resale homes. New builds come on the market as they are built and available, but often sell so quickly that there’s no need to insert them into MLS or other systems. Give yourself a competitive edge; know something your clients don’t! Show them where they can find the best houses at the best prices.

3. Your clients don’t have to wait for “the perfect home.”

How many times have your clients looked at homes that just weren’t right and then decided to “wait for the right one to come on the market”? This longer sales cycle is no fun for you or them! Show your clients new homes that are available now or will be finished shortly and decrease your sales cycle time. This will become the best option for home sales in the future, and soon no one will want to wait for a resale home that matches their needs!

4. The National Association of Realtors found that over 501,000 new homes were sold in 2016 –

almost a quarter of total home sales this year. This means that the new home market is a growing niche, one you want to get in on while you still can.

5. New home builders are meeting consumer desires.

With more emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable products, a majority of builders have started providing these options to the public. This way, homebuyers don’t need to update, renovate, or rebuild homes to make them energy-efficient or eco-friendly. This also means that new home builds are going to be in-demand in the future, as eco-aware building practices become a desirable selling point.


When you meet or consult with a new client, show them the differences between resale homes and new sale home options. Explain the amenities of a new build, including energy efficiency and market value. Explain that, while there could be a resale home for them available someday, there are tons of options in new homes available right now.

Once you’ve done that, sign up below to get current builder inventory and updates in your area. For more new home expert tips, see Part 3 of our New Home Expert Resource Series!


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