Building Trust: Insights from a Builder on Agents' Role in the New Build Process

How can an agent become a trusted partner in the new build process from your perspective?

Value our time & schedule appropriately, we like to spend at least an hour with our clients. We want to get to know our clients & not running in & out of homes. We have a specific way we like to handle the visit, when it’s rushed neither party benefits.

What qualities or actions make an agent stand out to you and your team?

A confident agent is important but allowing us to be the experts in our community & our homes is also key. I love an agent that allows me to lead the visit & she/he will drop little nuggets along the way! I appreciate when they do not ask 1,000 times if that’s an upgrade! Also when they know their client that goes a long way & makes the visit go a lot more smoothly!

Instead of leading with incentives, what conversation starters or topics of interest do you recommend that can create a more meaningful dialogue between agents and builders?

We like to start the conversation off being “coffee worthy”, I want to know how their day is going, what part of town they currently live in, how the home search is going etc. Incentives do not matter unless we have a home that works for them! Even just giving me a quick snapshot of how their search has been, is great! 

How can agents more effectively communicate the needs and preferences of their clients to you?

I love it when an agent stops by or calls ahead of our visit & gives me a rundown of what their clients prefer. It’s also helpful if they share what they have discovered as they have been on the search. I need to know more than bedroom/bathroom count. I need to know their lifestyle & how they plan to use the home etc. My goal is not to show more than 3 homes, all this does is create cognitive strain or decision paralysis! 

What advice would you give to agents new to the new build sector to help them navigate the process confidently?

Don’t think you have to be the expert on every community/builder, that’s what we are for! The best thing to do is visit or at least call & talk to the new home salesperson ahead of time & get a few things they can share with their buyer as they start the appointment. Foster relationships with the builder community, partner with NHA’s that you know you can trust!

How can less experienced agents build credibility with builders and clients in the new build market?

The most important thing for me is to be my partner in the appointment, we all have the same goal & that’s to find your client the “right home” & that might mean it’s not the one with the most incentives! Be present at the appointment or at least via Facetime. Being new does not mean that you are less valuable, be confident! I’m happy to set a separate time with the agent to answer all their side note questions! 

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