Transforming Connections into Real Estate Wins

Can you share a memorable story about a time when social media unexpectedly landed you a big lead?

Majority of my leads are layered effects. I have made indirect connections with people by volunteering, from my previous career, the studio where I practice yoga, the local boutique or coffee shop that I frequently visit, etc… We become acquaintances, develop a trusting relationship then they follow me on social media.

What was the biggest 'aha' moment you experienced in your social media marketing journey?

The first time I had someone approach me who I had not met prior, stating they see me everywhere on social media. That immediately validated why I use social media as a platform for my business.

Which social media platform has been a game-changer for you, and can you share a specific success story from it?

My previous career allowed me to personally connect with a lot of families. When transitioning into real estate, I stayed in touch by nurturing my social media presences. By commenting on birthdays, celebrations, and much more. The content that I provided about communities, such as builder incentives and promotions, interest rates & financing options. I became an expert helping families buy a New Home. 

What's the most unusual or creative tactic you've used in social media to generate leads?

Be authentic and Be yourself! People want to interact with the same person that they see on social media. We all know that one realtor who has updated their business card and when you see them they are 30 years older. Mix up your social media. Don’t just showcase new homes! Add in something about “YOU”! If you follow me, Piper & Goliath, my adopted fur babies are often the spotlight! 

Can you share a social media fail or a lesson learned the hard way?

I fail over and over! I learned it’s okay to be disliked, delete any negative comments and keep creating content. Remember, even haters follow you!

How do you balance being professional and personal on your social media platforms?

Keep it simple! Remember I was a former educator. I don’t post political or religious views and I always choose kind. I share tourist attractions in Texas, my adopted pets, delicious restaurants to dine, cooking & workout routine. 

What are your favorite tools or apps for managing your social media presence?

My favorite “free’ app is Capcut. Hint: Scroll to the end of your video, tap on the “cap cut” logo-hit delete, then save your video. This removes the CapCut logo.Tag local businesses and people to share your content, Create fun hashtags., Use a microphone, self-stick, light ring to gain better results. 

How do you see the future of social media in relation to lead generation?

I create an average of 3-5 reels a week. Each time I create a reel I gain confidence, my content gets better, I get more views, I gain more followers!

Could you share a quick tip or trick that most people might not know about using social media for business growth?

Just Do It! Start with downloading the CapCut app. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from another peer or even a teenager!!! Afraid of being in front of the camera? You have control of editing and adding filters. Create a buddy system with a colleague. Have courage to make mistakes and be disliked.

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