Authenticity in Action: Integrating Personal Touch in Professional Real Estate Content

How do you measure the success of your social media content?

I honestly try not to let the success of views and likes get in the way of my thoughts on my actual success of my social media content.  The whole goal is to STAY CONSISTENT.  The measures of success that we typically think of (views, likes, comments, new followers, etc) will automatically come when you are consistent and authentic.  However, as you begin to build your social media content and have established a good amount of content, then I will typically begin to measure my success of my content by engagement from organic new followers and likes.  Typically I will see new organic engagement through reels, TikTok, and YouTube. 

What's been your most successful collaboration with another brand or influencer, and what did you learn from that experience?

For the past 4 months I have collaborated with one of my MOST FAVORITE lenders, Renee Damron with Edge Home Finance.  Collaborating with her, and putting out weekly videos has not only been enlightening when making our content, but we have both also had numerous calls from new leads regarding questions about a topic we discussed!  And as far as creating new content ideas, we will typically discuss things that we have current questions on, or things we see within the current market that could help new buyers!  We have made it a point to stay consistent in posting every monday, and have seen so many benefits of our realtor/lender duo!

What strategies do you use to integrate your personal interests or lifestyle into your real estate content without compromising professionalism?

I believe that the only way to truly connect with your audience and keep them watching is to be real and authentic!  So this can be either showing your true personality in videos that still reflect real estate content, as well as putting some personal posts out that allow my audience to learn more about me!  Everyone has a story and a family.  Although each of our stories may be different, showing a little of yours connects you and allows you to relate to theirs.  So stay true to yourself in your content.  Don’t try to be the same as any other professional and just copy their content exactly.  If you see someone else posting content that you feel would provide your audience some value, put your own spin on it.  This will also make the information flow off your tongue easier and show that you know what you are talking about, instead of reading from someone else’s script!

Can you describe a specific campaign or piece of content that significantly boosted your online presence or lead generation, and what made it so effective?

Besides CONSISTENCY, I would have to say that back in the beginning of October a few of us agents entered into a challenge among ourselves of posting a video a day for 90 days.  This was created because we felt that we needed to up our game on putting out content, and figured the 90 days would also help to create a habit of putting out regular content.  Anyways, my very first video posted in this challenge was one that I had gotten numbers from my lender that said:

“Pro Tip- If you ask for $10,000 off the price of a $400,000 home, you’ll reduce your mortgage payment by $72.  If you ask for $10,000 to buy down your rate you will reduce your monthly payment by $227.  -Your Realtor”

This information was quoted to me by my lender regarding a 30 year fixed conventional loan, and was speaking specifically about a seller concession.  I wanted this information because I thought it would help during the time that the market had high interest rates, and most sellers were offering seller concessions.  I just wanted to show the breakdown of it to provide value to anyone that may not know the difference.  It ended up gaining so much traction on TikTok that I now have 3.2 million views, 70.5k likes, and 18.9k saves!  I didn’t post my face, or myself talking either!  It was all about the value given and what other potential buyers found informational!  I even got a sale off of that specific video from a buyer moving to Texas from California that closed in December!

How do you manage your time between real estate transactions and maintaining an active social media presence?

The only way to manage your time to have the time to actually focus on real estate is to learn your editing software (I use CapCut, but there are so many out there), as well as learning tricks on posting to all of your platforms quickly and effectively. Also by keeping in the back of your mind to get content on EVERYTHING that I do throughout the day, everyday!  You may not post it all, or even if you post it all you don’t post it in the same day you did it, but you have the content.  This is one of the things that agents forget to do, and then feel like they need to set time aside to go out and specifically get content.  If you are constantly gathering content, then you will always have something to put out on social media (even on days you aren’t actually doing real estate).  Then when you have down time (like when you are binge watching a show), quickly edit some videos that you have content on.  Also, if you don’t already have it, get Business Suite and connect your business facebook and instagram pages to it so that you can schedule posts out for both and you will constantly have filler content coming out!  

Can you share a technique you use for capturing and editing high-quality property photos or videos for your social media channels?

I have a few tips on this!  

First off, get a cheap but good quality selfie stick/tripod so that when you go out to film you are taking a video that is straight and sturdy.  Nobody likes to watch a shaky video! You can also use the tripod when you are filming video of yourself talking.  It’s much easier than setting a phone up on a stack of books. Lol.  

Like I said before, I edit my videos with the CapCut app.  I personally have the Pro version, but they have a great free version as well! This app is very user friendly and allows you to edit video quickly and easily, while still making professional looking video.

Another thing, make sure to pay attention to what format you are videoing, because this is important from one social media platform to another!  For example, IG wants your content to be done vertically, where YouTube wants it done horizontally.  A lot of times I will try to double film (one each direction) so that I have the same content to put out in the correct format for each platform I use. 

How do you approach content planning and scheduling for your social media channels? Do you use any specific tools or methods for this?

I put the information I post out myself, meaning I do not pay a service to have it posted on all of my platforms for me.  I utilize Business Suite to schedule and post on both IG and FB.  Here you can schedule posts, reels, and stories, so take advantage of this!  The only issue I have come across with scheduling the reels through Business Suite is that it will only post reels shorter than 60 seconds.  Otherwise it will just cut off the end of your video.  If I have a video over 60 seconds, then I individually post to each platform.  I also keep all of my social media platform apps next to each other on my phone so that I can copy my text information and paste to each back to back, hitting all of them in a matter of seconds.  

What role does storytelling play in your social media content, and can you share an example of a story-driven post that resonated with your audience?

People like to see content that they can relate to, so storytelling is great!  There are so many examples of this, but some that come to mind would be a problem within your business you came across recently (like during a transaction-but DON’T put out client names ever), or funny things you see or come across in your day, and even a “day in the life of a realtor” always goes off well because it is entertaining/funny/something that someone can learn from, etc.

How do you leverage local partnerships or collaborations in your social media strategy to enhance your reach and credibility?

I plan to step this topic up a notch, but doing business spotlights is always great!  Or interviewing local small business owners, City Council and/or School Board on things happening in your community, vendors like roofing/plumbing/framing companies to address flips, and local restaurants and entertainment businesses in your community are great to show your credibility that you truly know the area that you service!  And you gain wonderful relationships in the process!

What advice would you give to a real estate agent who is hesitant about embracing social media or who feels overwhelmed by the demands of content creation?

My biggest advice is just to jump in!  Social media is here to stay as part of our business, so jumping all in is the best way to not be left behind.  It keeps you relevant to the younger generation too!  And when it comes to video of yourself, focus on the value you are giving (NOT what you look or sound like) and it will come across so much better!  Just remember that the things that you hate about the way you look or sound in video, are the same things that everyone around you love.  People watching your videos aren’t interested in what you look or sound like, but what your content can provide for them!  So take the video, quickly edit it right away, and post!  And don’t go back to rewatch it, or you will find yourself being critical of it and just hit delete.  So just go all in, take the video, and give your audience the best value you can provide!

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