Standing Out in New Builds: Key Qualities That Make Agents Shine

How can an agent become a trusted partner in the new build process from your perspective?

I believe for an agent to be a trusted partner it is important to add value to the builder and builder rep. Share information, bring in clients and give reps as much opportunities as possible to assist. This relationship will turn reciprocal because when true partnerships are formed builder reps will hold events to support partners while creating opportunities for trusted partner to grow more with reps community and also reps builder.

What qualities or actions make an agent stand out to you and your team?

An easy to get along with agent is what I look for in partnerships. I believe an agent should always have their customers best interest at hand at all times, however tact in building two way relationships and creating win win situations for all parties is an attribute that I fell is invaluable. It Is how I differentiate starter agents from agents who will achive longevity in the business.

In your experience, what unique advantages do new builds offer clients that agents should highlight?

I believe Agents should lean into understanding that in the right circumstances, buyers benefit way more financially when purchasing a new home. In addition, in today’s world if a buyer has the ability to purchase a new home… 9 out of 10 times it is the way to go based on savings, closing costs, warranty advantages and incentives to buyers.

How do successful agents articulate the value of new constructions to potential buyers?

I think learning the true advantages and spending more time educating themselves on new home sales vs preowned will yield fruit.
For example, understanding that a builder nowadays will cover a specific amount in closing cost saving plus incentives might be the game changer of a client’s affordability and path to home ownership vs a purchase of a pre-owned. Sellers of preowned homes simply might not have the room to help with closing costs or additional incentives because sometimes they simply can’t afford to.

While a seller will always have advertised incentives that can strategically help a buyer purchase.

What are the key aspects of new constructions that agents should be well-versed in to effectively serve their clients?

Product knowledge is important, however the best agents typically have knowledge of a product but allow builder rep to showcase those in a presentation. It’s a delicate dance but with the right duo the buyer feels the synergy and is overall better served.

Can you recommend resources or learning opportunities for agents looking to deepen their understanding of the new build process?

There is no cookie cutter answer to this, what I would advise is for agents to go out and meet builder reps. Learn the product, visit community and ask for unique selling points so they can in turn educate their prospects.

If an agent wants to understand “steps” of construction, and knowing all builders are different, how do you answer this?

Visit a builder and walk homes at frame. I would advise agents to also get familiar with onsite construction managers per builder and ask for construction managers to spend time per community per builder to walk them step by step from stage to stage.

Education and building relationships is key and will make them all the better equipped to answer prospects inquiries and therefore minimize shopping and showing times. They will be well versed on multiple builds to identify quicker what their clients are searching for in a home.

Instead of leading with incentives, what conversation starters or topics of interest do you recommend that can create a more meaningful dialogue between agents and builders?

I think an agent should lead with “how can I assist you in pushing more traffic to your community” leading with adding value to a community will always trump the incentive questions that 99 percent of agents ask and will help an agent stand out from their peers.

How can agents more effectively communicate the needs and preferences of their clients to you?

I believe in the triangle dialogue…. (A concept I coined)
Sometimes it’s a square or hexagon lol. If multiple parties in decision making are involved, the triangle dialogue method is more effective so no stones are left unturned. I believe in having an open conversation with buyer and agent together. I find that interpretation is at times an issue when relaying messages through an agent. I believe in clear conversations with all parties.

What practices do top-performing agents employ when representing clients interested in new builds?

Allowing the builder rep do their job will always yield better fruit. A controlling agent who doesn’t allow builder rep the opportunity to serve will typically get in their own way and sometimes lose an amazing deal for their client.

How can an agent differentiate themselves in the way they manage the new build buying process for their clients?

Employing the mindset of team will serve the client best in my honest opinion. An agent represents their buyer but contrary to popular belief… although the builder rep serves the builder, most builders and builder reps are huge on assisting and customer service. Allow us to serve you.

What advice would you give to agents new to the new build sector to help them navigate the process confidently?

Be hard working, be kind and find two reps per builder you can build a great lasting mutually beneficial partnership with.

How can less experienced agents build credibility with builders and clients in the new build market?

Rome was not built in a day. Daily show up and add value and eventually the stars will align as long as an agent is consistent in relationship building behaviors.

What strategies do you find most effective when agents are showing new constructions to clients?

The best strategy is opening a group chat and introduce your buyer to builder rep. it is important for builder rep to hear the facts from the buyer and for a group conversation to be had prior to rep knowing how to serve.

How can agents prepare their clients before visiting new build communities?

I think its important to know the clients buying power with core questions and possibly a prequal. I think allowing full access to buyer and having dialogue will set up the meeting for succees.

Could you share any negotiation tactics that are particularly effective in the context of new home sales?

The best negotiating tactic to help agents with is not a tactic at all.
1. Be honest
2. Be upfront and do what you say you will do.

I feel agents turn into attorneys with negotiating lol, that’s why I feel that (builder reps, agents and buyers) need to all have accountability. Another step in my triangle dialouge method. All parties need to adhere to accountability. It is very important to have open dialogue at meet because whether agents believe it or not the builder rep wants to make a deal with agent and buyer. There is no I in Team. To truly have a partnership integrity and accountability where all parties do what they say they will, will always beat negotiation tactics.

How do successful agents balance client needs with builder constraints during negotiations?

Understanding that Builder reps have a job to do which is getting the client to closing and getting a clean deal done. If we all are accountable and operate with integrity all will work out for the buyers needs.

What tips do you have for agents to streamline the process from contract to closing for new builds?

Have great communication. Response times are important and be disciplined and understand we all have a job to do to get client to closing. Do all things in a timely fashion and communicate.

How can agents better manage client expectations throughout the construction phase?

Communicate often and effectively. Allow builder reps and construction managers the access to communicate as well. Again it’s a team effort.

For agents feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of new builds, what foundational steps should they focus on?

Its all in education, Selling new builds is actually an easier and more streamlined transaction than new builds with many support systems unlike pre owned transactions.

How can agents overcome intimidation and develop confidence in bringing clients to new build opportunities?

This is an easy one 🙂 Like the NIKE slogan states “JUST DO IT” get comfortable being uncomfortable because eventually anything you truly immerse yourself in will get comfortable.

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