Confidence in Construction: Empowering Agents to Explore New Build Communities

How can an agent become a trusted partner in the new build process from your perspective?- come in and meet face to face with us!

Learn the process & product for that particular builder. Every builder does it slightly different!

In your experience, what unique advantages do new builds offer clients that agents should highlight?

At Pacesetter, buyers have the choice to build from the ground up & pick their own selections, giving the home their own personal touch! New Builds – we have builds at various stages allowing buyers to have a little more flexibility on timelines should they not want to purchase a completed home or build one from the ground up.

How do successful agents articulate the value of new constructions to potential buyers?

Warranties, low maintenance, modern design, incentives, freedom to choose location of neighborhood/homesite.

How can agents more effectively communicate the needs and preferences of their clients to you?

Let us know upfront! We always want to hear from the client but sometimes agents have insights clients didn’t share that can help direct us to finding the right home for them!

What practices do top-performing agents employ when representing clients interested in new builds?

Trusting the process! They also stay in communication with the sales rep.

What advice would you give to agents new to the new build sector to help them navigate the process confidently?

Meet with a sales rep and ask questions in order to navigate the process! Sales reps are the experts in new builds & their communities.

How can agents prepare their clients before visiting new build communities?

Let them know upfront, sales reps will be touring them, asking them questions to find the right home that fits their needs!

For agents feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of new builds, what foundational steps should they focus on?

Start with knowing your clients expectations on the style of home they want (SFH, townhome, condo) location, & price point, the sales rep can guide you on additional information from there.

How can agents overcome intimidation and develop confidence in bringing clients to new build opportunities?

Come in & Learn!

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