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Posted by Builder Boost SA (Jelli) on 02/06/2019
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Military Title: AWF2 (AW/NAC) Tinch

Military Affiliation: Served 11 yrs. United States Navy, Father: 22 yrs. Air Force retired MSTSG, Grandfather: Served 6 yrs. Air Force, Uncle: 4 yrs. Air Force, Active Member: Wounded Warrior Project

  • Why are you passionate about helping military members when they are relocating or PSCing?

    Serving for 11 years in the Navy truly gave me a better understanding of what the process of relocating or PCSing is like. It’s a stressful process and at times there were countless uncertainties running through my mind.

    Looking back, having someone experienced I could turn to for the answers would have helped tremendously with the process. Questions like, “Which neighborhoods are the best? Where are the safest areas? What communities are the most family friendly? Which builder and communities do you like and why?” Other questions that weighed heavily on my mind were “What happened if I get relocated or get new orders? What do I do?”

    Knowing I am now in the position to help guide a fellow serviceman/servicewoman is extremely rewarding.
    The answers I will give won’t be something you can find online; my answers are always honest and my advice is unfiltered.

  • What advice would you give a military member who is on the fence about whether to buy a new construction home, pre-owned home or rent?

    When comparing new construction vs pre-owned, there are a few misconceptions people have when purchasing new. The first, is assuming it is more expensive to own new. When you factor in energy consumption, warranty, maintenance, etc. many people don’t realize that a new home can cost the same or less expensive than a pre-owned home. A second misconception is that you have to wait 6 months or longer to build a new home. Bella Vista Homes plans for inventory homes to be available for buyers who need a “quick move-in” option. The advantage of purchasing a “quick move-in” is often these homes have awesome incentives for the buyer.

    If someone is on the fence about renting or owning, it’s pretty simple. The government gives free money to pay for basic housing allowance (BAH). Why would you RENT and want to pay someone else’s mortgage? Over 87% of all veterans DO NOT use their VA Home Loan Benefit? I was part of that statistic and lost over $300,000 when I decided to rent instead of buy. I’d love the opportunity to sit down with a military member and share the numbers to help them make a better decision.

  • What do Military families love most about living in a Bella Vista Home community?

    Bella Vista builds attractive communities with several of them being in close to proximity to military bases.

    San Antonio is home to several military installations, so whether you are stationed at Randolph Air Force Base, SAMMC, Fort Sam Houston or Lackland Air Force Base, you won’t be far from home.

    More importantly, Bella Vista Homes knows the sacrifice military members make for our freedom and it’s always our focus to provide stability for them and their loved ones. For our US Military, active and retired military, we offer an exclusive discount for move-in ready homes. This discount is in addition to other published promotions.

  • What’s the best advice you can give to a military member who is PCSing?

    Plan, plan, and plan. Relax, and Breathe. Be thorough in your research and write down the questions you have. Ideally, you will want to take a trip here to look around but if not please pick up the phone and call me. Having a local contact will help you with your research on the best schools, commute times, how to get connected with other professionals, etc.

  • Do you have a new home community that you love, or would recommend to any Military active or retired, or any PCS’Ing Military member? Why would they find the community interesting?

    Bella Vista Homes & Princeton Classic Homes has quickly become San Antonio, Schertz, Cibolo, and New Braunfels #1 Private Home Builder. We have over 20 active communities to choose from with homes starting in the $190’s up to the $500’s.

  • As Far as the Military is concerned, when military members are PCSing: Where do most people want to live and why?

    That’s a tough one, because price point has a lot to do with that. From the moment I meet with military families, I’m learning what is most important to them. From school districts, to commute times, amenities, and mortgage payments, uncovering their needs is priority. I’ve been in this industry a long time and if I can’t find a home that matches their need, I have friends at every builder in the San Antonio area. At the end of the day, helping my military brothers and sisters is what motivates me.

Jason Tinch
Bella Vista Homes / Princeton Classic Homes



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