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Posted by Builder Boost San Antonio on October 10, 2018
Q&A - Terry Zepeda
  • Where are you from originally?

    Born & Raised San Antonian. I grew up on the South Side of San Antonio and moved to the SE Side during High School and currently still reside here with my family.

  • Where do you predominately sell real estate?

    From the South Side all the way to the far North Side

  • Why do you sell new homes?

    I truly enjoy selling new homes for many reasons.  For one,  the benefit of the new home warranty gives buyers a sense of confidence with their purchase.

    In addition, I just love being part of the new home purchase.  Knowing that my clients are moving into a new home and shaping the newly developed  neighborhood meanwhile forming relationships with new neighbors.  It’s an exciting time  that everyone is experiencing when you move into a new community.

  • Tell us an interesting detail about you that many might not know?

    I can pronounce Spanish words very well but am not bi-lingual. I wear my hair straight most of the time but I actually have curly hair. Although I enjoy public speaking I get very nervous the day of and I’m secretly afraid of posting videos of myself.

  • What experience would you repeat?

    We are all shaped by the experiences we encounter. I think I would repeat a lot because I love who I’ve become. If I had to pick it would be being a mother! My children are my true motivation in LIFE as a whole!

  • What are 3 adjectives that describe you best?

    Loyal, Courageous, Assertive

  • What lights you up in life?

    My strong FAITH and Family! I have a few but will mention 2 whom without I would not be who I am today:

    My Mother: Silvia Gutierrez

    She has shown me what unconditional Love is and what it means by her actions. She is part of the reason I never moved… she lives 6 streets away and helps me tremendously.

    My high school teacher: Mrs. Delia Lopez

    She basically put me in check as an adolescent and continues to be available when I need her. She helped me in a way I needed when no one else would.

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TERRY ZEPEDA, Area Expert 

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