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782405911 EckhertKB Home ★$200s (low)
78249Agave TraceTexas Homes$300s (low)
78253Alamo RanchD.R. Horton$200s (low)
78253Alamo RanchD.R. Horton – Emerald Homes$200s (mid)
78253Alamo Ranch – Santa MariaCentury Communities ★$200s (mid)
78253Alamo Ranch – Santa MariaChesmar Homes$300s (low)
78245Amhurst – The CanyonsD.R. Horton – Express Homes$200s (low)
78261Amorosa at Cibolo CanyonsSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78245Arcadia RidgeAshton Woods Homes ★$200s (mid)
78245Arcadia RidgeBella Vista Homes ★$200s (mid)
78245Arcadia RidgeGehan Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Arcadia RidgeM/I Homes ★$300s (low)
78245Arcadia RidgePrinceton Classic Homes ★$200s (mid)
78245Arcadia Ridge – HighlandsNewLeaf Homes$200s (high)
78245Arcadia Ridge – The ArborCentex Homes ★$100s (high)
78245Arcadia Ridge – The HeightsMeritage Homes ★$200s (mid)
78245Arcadia Ridge – The ReservePulte Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Arcadia Ridge – VistasNewLeaf Homes$200s (mid)
78253Bella Vista 55’sPerry Homes ★$300s (mid)
78245Blue Skies of TexasSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78244Bradbury CourtBella Vista Homes ★$100s (high)
78244Bradbury CourtCastleRock Communities$100s (mid)
78250Braun LandingLennarComing Soon
78245Briggs RanchBellaire Homes$200s (mid)
78245Briggs RanchPrestige Homes$300s (mid)
78209Caliza SpringsTexas Homes$200s (mid)
78255Cantera HillsRialto Homes$600s (high)
78256Cantera ManorHighland Homes ★$500s (low)
78261Canyon CrestAshton Woods Homes ★$300s (low)
78261Canyon CrestKB Home ★$200s (mid)
78251Carlson ParkImagine Homes$300s (low)
78230Carmen HeightsCoventry Homes$300s (mid)
78252Carmona Hills – The VistasKB Home ★$100s (mid)
78245Champions LandingKB Home ★$200s (low)
78209Chandler CrossingBellaire Homes$300s (mid)
78109Chandler CrossingTexas Homes$300s (high)
78261Cibolo CanyonsEmpire Communities ★$300s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – CampanasDavid Weekley Homes ★Coming Soon
78261Cibolo Canyons – CampanasMonticello Homes ★$400s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – CampanasSitterle Homes ★$500s (high)
78261Cibolo Canyons – CielosImagine Homes$500s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – EstrellaChesmar Homes$500s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – MaderaChesmar Homes$300s (high)
78261Cibolo Canyons – MaderaHighland Homes ★$400s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – MonteverdeCastleRock Communities$200s (high)
78261Cibolo Canyons – MonteverdeHighland Homes ★$400s (low)
78261Cibolo Canyons – PalaciosImagine Homes$700s (low)
78252Cinco LakesCentex Homes ★$100s (high)
78252Cinco Lakes – 45’sBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78252Cinco Lakes – 50’sBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78252Cinco Lakes 35’sM/I Homes ★$100s (high)
78252Cinco Lakes 40’sM/I Homes ★$200s (low)
78212City Center LoftsTerramark Urban Homes$300s (high)
78217ClearcreekKB Home ★Coming Soon
78253CobblestoneCentury Communities ★$200s (low)
78233Comanche RidgeBella Vista Homes ★$200s (mid)
78233Comanche RidgeEverview Homes ★$200s (low)
78101Comanche RidgeNewLeaf Homes$200s (mid)
78258CoronadoCoventry Homes$300s (high)
78258CoronadoD.R. Horton – Emerald Homes$400s (low)
78258CoronadoHighland Homes ★$400s (low)
78212Courtland Commons at Tobin HillImagine Homes$400s (low)
78230Creekside CourtRialto Homes$500s (high)
78256Cresta BellaMegatel HomesNot Published
78256Cresta Bella – La CimaSitterle Homes ★$700s (high)
78256Cresta Bella – The BluffsRialto Homes$500s (low)
78256Cresta Bella – The EnclaveRialto Homes$700s (low)
78256Cresta Bella – The VillasRialto Homes$400s (mid)
78256Cresta Bella – The VistasDavid Weekley Homes ★$300s (mid)
78254Crosscreek – Classic CollectionKB Home ★$200s (low)
78254Crosscreek – Sterling & Heritage CollectionKB Home ★$200s (low)
78245Crossings at WestlakesRausch Coleman Homes$100s (high)
78251Crown HavenArmadillo Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Davis RanchCentex Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Davis RanchPulte Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Davis Ranch 50’sDavid Weekley Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Davis Ranch 50’sHighland Homes ★$200s (mid)
78254Davis Ranch 60’sDavid Weekley Homes ★$300s (low)
78254Davis Ranch 60’sHighland Homes ★$300s (low)
78256Dominion – The BluffSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78257Dominion – The GardensScott Felder Homes ★$400s (mid)
78245Dove CreekNewLeaf Homes$100s (high)
78245Dove HeightsKB Home ★$200s (low)
78202East MeadowsTerramark Urban Homes$100s (low)
78242Elm ValleyLennar$100s (mid)
78242Elm Valley – GardensRausch Coleman Homes$100s (low)
78247EscaleraM/I Homes ★$200s (low)
78261EstanciaImagine HomesSOLD OUT
78253Falcon LandingHorizon View Homes ★$200s (low)
78253Falcon LandingKB Home ★$100s (high)
78222Foster MeadowsLGI Homes$100s (high)
78242Freedom HillsWilliam Lyon Homes$100s (high)
78245Harlach FarmsMeritage Homes ★$200s (low)
78256Heights of CrownridgeNewLeaf Homes$300s (mid)
78223Heritage OaksRausch Coleman Homes$100s (mid)
78258Hidden Canyon VillasRialto Homes$400s (mid)
78230Highland EstatesImagine Homes$500s (low)
78253Hill Country RetreatDel Webb ★$200s (low)
78244Hudson ReserveBella Vista Homes ★Coming Soon
78244Hudson ReserveCastleRock Communities$100s (high)
78245Hunters RanchArmadillo Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Hunters RanchBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78253Hunters RanchCastleRock Communities$100s (high)
78253Hunters RanchKindred Homes$200s (low)
78261Indian Springs – The HeightsPulte Homes ★$300s (low)
78163Johnson Ranch 55’sPerry Homes ★$300s (low)
78163Johnson Ranch 85’sPerry Homes ★Coming Soon
78254Kallison RanchCastleRock Communities$200s (low)
78254Kallison RanchEmpire Communities ★$200s (mid)
78254Kallison Ranch – ArborsNewLeaf Homes$200s (mid)
78254Kallison Ranch – HighlandsNewLeaf Homes$300s (low)
78254Kallison Ranch 50’sPerry Homes ★$300s (low)
78254Kallison Ranch 60’sPerry Homes ★$300s (mid)
78254Kallison Windgate 45’sPerry Homes ★$200s (mid)
78219Katy WayEverview Homes ★$200s (low)
78219Katy WayNewLeaf Homes$100s (mid)
78244Kendall BrookD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78260Kinder RanchCoventry Homes$300s (mid)
78260Kinder Ranch – Prospect CreekDavid Weekley Homes ★$400s (high)
78620Kinder Ranch – Sunday CreekAshton Woods Homes ★$300s (low)
78260Kinder Ranch – Sunday CreekImagine Homes$300s (low)
78260Kinder Ranch – Sunday CreekMonticello Homes ★$300s (low)
78260Kinder Ranch – Sunday CreekSitterle Homes ★$400s (high)
78260Kinder Ranch – The Estates at Hastings RidgeMonticello Homes ★$500s (low)
78260Kinder Ranch – The Village at Hastings RidgeMonticello Homes ★$300s (mid)
78260Kinder Ranch 50’sPerry Homes ★$300s (mid)
78260Kinder Ranch 55’s – Prospect CreekSitterle Homes ★$300s (high)
78260Kinder Ranch 55’s – Sunday CreekDavid Weekley Homes ★$200s (high)
78260Kinder Ranch 65’s – Prospect CreekSitterle Homes ★$400s (high)
78260Kinder Ranch 70’sPerry Homes ★Coming Soon
78260Kinder Ranch 80’s – Prospect CreekSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78245LaderaLiberty Home Builders ★$200s (high)
78245Ladera – HighpointCentury Communities ★$200s (low)
78245Ladera – HighpointGray Point Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Ladera – North RidgeCentury Communities ★$200s (high)
78245Ladera 40’sPerry Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Ladera 50’sPerry Homes ★$200s (high)
78240Landing at French CreekMeritage Homes ★Not Published
78261LangdonD.R. Horton$200s (low)
78245Laurel Mountain RanchCastleRock Communities$100s (high)
78245Laurel VistasCastleRock Communities$200s (low)
78245Laurel VistasD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (high)
78214Loma MesaKB Home ★$100s (high)
78264Lonesome DoveD.R. Horton – Express HomesComing Soon
78224Los AltosCentury Communities ★$100s (mid)
78252Luckey RanchLGI Homes$100s (high)
78252Luckey Ranch – The ReserveLGI HomesComing Soon
78209LumaStorybuilt$300s (low)
78261MaderaImagine Homes$500s (low)
78247Madison HeightsScott Felder Homes ★$200s (mid)
78209Mahncke Park – CottagesImagine Homes$400s (low)
78245Marbach VillageLennar$100s (high)
78224MarbellaKB Home ★$100s (high)
78244Meadow ParkBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78237MesetaLennar$100s (low)
78239MiddletonCentury Communities ★$100s (high)
78249Midway on BabcockChesmar Homes$200s (low)
78244Miller RanchKB Home ★$200s (low)
78244Miller Ranch ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$200s (low)
78221Mission Del LagoLennar$100s (low)
78221Mission Del Lago ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$200s (low)
78261MonteverdeImagine Homes$300s (high)
78239NopalitoLennar$100s (low)
78250North Oak MeadowsLennar$200s (low)
78218Northeast CrossingBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78218Northeast CrossingKB Home ★$100s (high)
78218Northeast Crossing – BarringtonLennar$100s (low)
78218Northeast Crossing – Watermill CollectionLennar$100s (low)
78245Park PlaceTexas Homes$300s (low)
78209ParksideTerramark Urban Homes$600s (low)
78208Pine at HaysTerramark Urban Homes$300s (mid)
78249Pomona ParkCentury Communities ★$200s (high)
78231Pond Hill Garden VillasBellaire Homes$400s (high)
78245Potranco Run – Brookstone II Signature & WestfieldLennar$200s (mid)
78245Potranco Run – Brookstone II Westfield & BarringtonLennar$200s (low)
78254Prescott OaksMeritage Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Prescott Oaks – VistaMeritage Homes ★$200s (mid)
78253Redbird RanchD.R. Horton$300s (low)
78253Redbird Ranch ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78222Republic CreekLennar$200s (low)
78222Republic CreekM/I Homes ★$200s (low)
78222Riposa Vita ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78255River Rock RanchPerry Homes ★$400s (high)
78240Roanoke – The VillasDavid Weekley Homes ★CLOSE OUT
78245Robbins PointLennar$100s (low)
78258Rogers Ranch – Salado CanyonSitterle Homes ★$400s (mid)
78219Rosillo CreekLennar$100s (low)
78260Royal OakDavid Weekley Homes ★$400s (mid)
78212Russell PlaceTerramark Urban Homes$500s (low)
78253Saddle Creek EstatesEmpire Communities ★$400s (low)
78242Sage ValleyM/I Homes ★$100s (high)
78260Settler’s RidgeSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78257Shavano HighlandsDavid Weekley Homes ★$500s (low)
78257Shavano HighlandsMonticello Homes ★$600s (low)
78257Shavano HighlandsRialto Homes$600s (low)
78259Sienna – The DomainMeritage Homes ★$300s (mid)
78259Sienna – The PointeMeritage Homes ★$200s (high)
78259Sienna – The ReserveMeritage Homes ★$300s (low)
78252Silos – Barrington CollectionLennar$200s (low)
78252Silos – Cottage CollectionLennar$100s (mid)
78252Silos – Stonehill and Broadview CollectionLennar$100s (low)
78252Solana Ridge ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78255Sonoma Verde – The RidgeRialto Homes$400s (mid)
78260Sterling RidgeCentex Homes ★$200s (low)
78260Sterling RidgePulte Homes ★$200s (mid)
78253Stevens RanchKindred Homes$200s (high)
78253Stevens RanchMegatel HomesNot Published
78253Stevens Ranch – The ParkTexas Homes$200s (high)
78254Stillwater RanchChesmar Homes$200s (mid)
78254Stillwater RanchCoventry Homes$200s (mid)
78254Stillwater Ranch – Brookstone IILennar$200s (high)
78254Stillwater Ranch – Brookstone II SignatureLennar$300s (low)
78254Stillwater Ranch 45’sWilliam Lyon Homes$200s (low)
78254Stillwater Ranch 50’sWilliam Lyon Homes$200s (mid)
78245StonecreekArmadillo Homes ★$200s (low)
78222StonegateKB Home ★$100s (mid)
78256Stonewall Estates – The OverlookSitterle Homes ★Not Published
78245Stoney CreekD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78254Talise De CulebraCastleRock Communities$200s (mid)
78254Talise De CulebraLGI Homes$200s (low)
78260Terra BellaScott Felder Homes ★$400s (mid)
78259Terraces at the Cliffs at CiboloTexas Homes$200s (high)
78245Texas Research ParkRausch Coleman Homes$100s (high)
78245Texas Research Park – Hidden BluffsHorizon View Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Texas Research Park – Hidden BluffsKB Home ★$200s (low)
78245Texas Research Park – Hidden CanyonsKB Home ★$200s (low)
78245Texas Research Park – The WoodsBella Vista Homes ★$200s (low)
78208The District LoftsTerramark Urban Homes$300s (high)
78209The Gardens at Urban CrestDavid Weekley Homes ★$300s (high)
78212The LegacyThe Legacy ★Not Published
78249The Meadows at Steubing FarmMeritage Homes ★$200s (high)
78212The Modern at CrocketTerramark Urban Homes$300s (mid)
78250The Oaks of Northchase & Northchase CoveMeritage Homes ★Not Published
78245The Overlook at Medio CreekKB Home ★$200s (low)
78223The Ridge at Salado CreekArmadillo Homes ★$200s (low)
78223The Ridge at Salado CreekLennar$100s (high)
78254Tribute RanchMeritage Homes ★$200s (mid)
78255Two Creeks – The Heights 65’sDavid Weekley Homes ★$300s (mid)
78202Utah Street HomesTerramark Urban Homes$200s (low)
78260ValenciaMeritage Homes ★$400s (low)
78254Valley RanchD.R. Horton$200s (low)
78254Valley Ranch ExpressD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78254Valley Ranch Freedom HomesD.R. Horton – Freedom Homes$200s (low)
78260Vista BellaLennar$300s (low)
78260Vista BellaPulte Homes ★$300s (mid)
78242Vista PointLennar$100s (low)
78233Vista RidgeAshton Woods Homes ★Coming Soon
78255Vistas of SonomaMegatel HomesNot Published
78253Waterford ParkArmadillo Homes ★$200s (mid)
78253Waterford ParkAshton Woods Homes ★$200s (low)
78254Waterford ParkChesmar Homes$200s (mid)
78253Waterford ParkLennar$100s (high)
78254Waterwheel – BarringtonLennar$200s (low)
78254Waterwheel – CottageLennar$100s (mid)
78254Waterwheel – Westfield & Brookstone IILennar$200s (low)
78245West Pointe GardensNewLeaf Homes$200s (mid)
78245Weston OaksArmadillo Homes ★$200s (low)
78245Weston Oaks – EnclaveSitterle Homes ★$200s (high)
78245Weston Oaks – The Estates 60’sDavid Weekley Homes ★$200s (high)
78245Weston Oaks – The Trails 55’sDavid Weekley Homes ★$200s (low)
78253Westpointe – Brookstone IILennar$200s (high)
78253Westpointe – Estates at FronterraHighland Homes ★$400s (mid)
78253Westpointe – FronterraSitterle Homes ★$400s (high)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra – Heritage SeriesM/I Homes ★$200s (high)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra – Smart SeriesM/I Homes ★$200s (low)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 50’sHighland Homes ★$200s (high)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 55’sHighland Homes ★$300s (low)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 60’sPerry Homes ★$300s (high)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 60’s – University SeriesDavid Weekley Homes ★$300s (low)
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 65’sHighland Homes ★$300s (high)
78253Westpointe – TrailsMeritage Homes ★$200s (low)
78253Westpointe – Trails – Woodland CollectionMeritage Homes ★$200s (mid)
78253Westpointe – Trails 45’sPerry Homes ★$300s (low)
78253Westpointe – Trails 50’sPerry Homes ★$300s (low)
78253Westpointe – TX ReserveLennar$300s (low)
78252Whisper FallsD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (mid)
78260Willis RanchSitterle Homes ★$300s (low)
78244Winding CreekLennar$100s (low)
78266Winding Oaks 40’sWilliam Lyon Homes$200s (mid)
78266Winding Oaks 50’sWilliam Lyon Homes$200s (high)
78244WinterfellD.R. Horton – Express Homes$100s (low)
78261Wortham OaksD.R. Horton$200s (mid)
78261Wortham Oaks – Barrington & WestfieldLennar$200s (low)
78261Wortham Oaks – Brookstone II 50’sLennar$200s (mid)
78261Wortham Oaks – The MeadowsM/I Homes ★$200s (low)
78161Wortham Oaks – The TerracesChesmar Homes$200s (high)

Do you have clients looking for a home in Central Texas but they’re worried about paying high prices in popular areas? They’ll be excited to know that San Antonio has a lot to offer them, including affordable and fun living.

Living in San Antonio

In a city with over 1.4 million people, it’s hard to believe that there’s room to enjoy the outdoors and have close-knit neighborhoods. But San Antonio residents will be the first to tell you they have plenty of community options for fun and outdoor exploration. With six community centers, over 100 parks (really!) and nearly 80 trails and hiking options within San Antonio proper, it’s easy to see why so many people love the area.

Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio / ultimatewaterpark.com

The Alamo / thealamo.org

O.P. Schnabel Greenway Trailhead / sanantonio.com

You’d also be hard-pressed to find something San Antonio doesn’t have. From movie theaters, amusement parks, water parks, and even SeaWorld, the area has it all. There’s also a lot of history to soak in, from The Alamo site, Missions National Historical Park, and the beautiful San Antonio River Walk.

Cruise in River Walk / sanantonio.gov

River Walk Map / thesanantonioriverwalk.com

The historic downtown area also offers a ton of culture and nightlife. From museums, galleries, and unique breweries, wineries, and restaurants, there’s always something going on in the heart of San Antonio. And because San Antonio is located on the I-35 corridor, it’s easy to jump between all the great local sights and your new home.

For residents looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, San Antonio has an extensive independent school district. With over 50 campuses supporting students PreK-12, San Antonio ISD offers a ton of options no matter which new home community residents live in. The residents are also big fans of their sports teams, so get ready to cheer for the area schools’ baseball, softball, football, and various other teams with your kids.

And of course, with the San Antonio location comes access to pretty much anything residents need. From big box stores like Costco and Sam’s Club to H-E-B Plus!, Target, Wal-Mart, and more, residents can get all of their groceries and home needs close to their actual homes. Small business and shops are also flourishing here, so many residents enjoy shopping local.

Because of its size, San Antonio has a thriving job market, with most employment happening in the education, health services, recreation, and retail sectors. Of course, most people who live in the San Antonio area also work there, so the commute is pretty simple. Since residents can use major streets as well as local highways, they can get around town quickly. And of course, fast access to I-35 is a huge bonus for residents who work or play in neighboring areas.

Many people assume that a San Antonio zip code comes with a huge price tag, but that’s not always the case. New home communities are popping up all over the area and some homes even start in the mid $100s! Make sure you spread the word to your new home clients!


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