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Top 6 Questions Military Homebuyers Are Asking

Posted by Builder Boost San Antonio on November 19, 2019
Military Relocation Specialist

San Antonio, now officially named “Military City USA,” is an ideal place for military members and their families looking to buy. Almost 10% of San Antonio residents are associated with Joint Base San Antonio in some way.  There is a large community for service men, women and families, as well as the people employed on the many bases in the area.  As either active service members or employees of a base, home buying in the area can raise a lot of questions, as a result utilizing a Military Relocation Specialist can help families navigate the home buying process.

Active service members

One of the biggest questions a military family may have when buying a home is: “What if we get relocated?” While it’s different for everyone, homeownership close to a military base offers a chance for families to access great communities, schools and amenities off-base. However, relocation may mean selling the home or renting it out shortly after moving in; there’s no way to really know when you’ll get that notice.

For Realtors working with military service members, discussing homebuying before showing any homes may help your clients decide if it’s the right option. It’s also often possible to buy a home and then treat it as a rental property and investment if they need to relocate. For others, renting or living on base may be a better option.

If your clients aren’t active service members or are comfortable with the potential for relocation, home buying may be a great option you can help them with.  There are a few “military-specific” home buying questions to keep in mind when helping your clients find their ideal home.

Home Buying Questions for a Military Family

When it’s time to start looking for the right home for your military family, the basics like budget and monthly payment (and pre-qualification through a VA lender) should be discussed. Then, it’s time to discuss the fun part: Where do you want to live?

To help military home buyers whittle down their answer to that question, we turned to Military Relocation Specialist, Lissa Navarro of Realty Executives of San Antonio. “Military families relocating to San Antonio come prepared with a list of questions and concerns when finding a new home.  Being prepared and doing your research is crucial in helping them narrow down their search.”

Military Homebuyers are looking for answers to the following questions:

  1. Which neighborhoods have the best schools?
  2. What are the safest neighborhoods?
  3. Which communities and areas are family-friendly?
  4. Which neighborhoods have the best amenities? (i.e. pools, trails, parks, etc.)
  5. Which builders or floorplans do you like most?
  6. How far/long is the commute to your assigned military base?

It’s also a great idea to ask fellow service members or base employees which areas they live in, so that your homebuyers can find community. Getting an idea of what you want from a home and community will make your search much easier – and make it more likely that your home purchase will be a good investment.

Where to Buy in San Antonio

There are a ton of communities available in the San Antonio area that are just minutes away from each military base.  Many of these communities offer a ton of great amenities for individuals and families. It’s also a great idea to see if any new home communities or builders offer military “bonuses,” (like Meritage Homes) which could make home buying even easier and more affordable.

Wondering which communities and builders we recommend for Military City USA residents? Stay tuned for profiles on the top new home communities for military families and base employees! You can also connect with a military-experienced agent through our list of connected Realtors.


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