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USDA Loans – No Down Payment

Possible USDA eligibility. No maximum loan limit with USDA Guaranteed Loans. Higher-priced communities may qualify but the program is mainly geared for lower price points. Lender to verify all qualifying factors and eligibility of property.
Eligibility and approval of USDA loans are determined by the USDA. Please reference the USDA at their website here:


78006Balcones CreekHighland Homes ★
78015Balcones Creek 70’sPerry Homes ★
78006Bent TreeTexas Homes
78006Corley FarmsCentex Homes ★
78006Corley FarmsPulte Homes ★
78006Corley Farms 50’sPerry Homes ★
78006EsperanzaChesmar Homes San Antonio
78006EsperanzaCoventry Homes ★
78006EsperanzaHighland Homes ★
78006EsperanzaScott Felder Homes ★
78006Esperanza – BravadaMonticello Homes
78006Esperanza – QuintanaMonticello Homes
78006Esperanza – Regency – Flamenco CollectionToll Brothers ★
78006Esperanza – Regency – Sardana CollectionToll Brothers ★
78006Esperanza – Regency – Zambra CollectionToll Brothers ★
78006Esperanza 50’sPerry Homes ★
78006Fox FallsMeritage Homes ★
78006Miralomas 130’sSitterle Homes ★
78006Miralomas 65’sSitterle Homes ★
78006Scenic Crest – Classic SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78006Scenic Crest – Premier SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78006Shoreline Park – Classic CollectionKB Home ★
78006Shoreline Park – Sterling CollectionKB Home ★
78163Belle OaksMonticello Homes
78163Belle OaksSitterle Homes ★
78163Belle Oaks RanchJourney Homes ★
78163Copper CanyonD.R. Horton
78163Copper Canyon – The ReserveD.R. Horton
78163EdgebrookKB Home ★
78163Hidden TrailsLennar
78163Johnson RanchLennar
78163VentanaPrinceton Classic Homes
78163VentanaTexas Homes
78163Ventana 50’sPerry Homes ★
78163Ventana 55’sHighland Homes ★
78163Ventana 60’sMonticello Homes
78163Ventana 65’sHighland Homes ★
78163Ventana 70’sHighland Homes ★
78163Ventana 70’sMonticello Homes
78009Alsatian OaksHighland Homes ★
78009Alsatian Oaks 50’sPerry Homes ★
78009Alsatian Oaks 60’sPerry Homes ★ (Coming Soon)
78009Legend ParkTexas Homes
78009Megan’s LandingDavid Weekley Homes ★
78009Megan’s Landing Half AcrePerry Homes ★
78253Potranco AcresTexas Homes
78253Potranco OaksChesmar Homes San Antonio
78009Potranco OaksDavidson Homes ★
78253Potranco Oaks – The EnclaveTexas Homes
78253Potranco Oaks – The ReserveChesmar Homes San Antonio
78009Potranco Oaks – The ReserveDavidson Homes ★
78009Potranco RanchEmpire Communities ★
78009Potranco RanchKindred Homes
78108Legendary Trails – Classic SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78108Legendary Trails – Premier SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78109AvenidaD.R. Horton
78154Katzer RanchCastleRock Communities
78109Katzer RanchFirst America Homes ★
78109Randolph CrossingRausch Coleman Homes ★
78109Rose ValleyLennar
78109Sage MeadowsLennar
78109The WilderStarlight Homes ★
78109Vista RealCentex Homes ★ (Coming Soon)
78112Hickory RidgeCastleRock Communities
78112Hickory RidgeDavidson Homes ★
78112Hickory RidgeFirst America Homes ★
78112Hickory RidgeHakes Brothers ★ (Coming Soon)
78112Hickory RidgeLegend Homes (Coming Soon)
78112Homewood PlaceRausch Coleman Homes ★
78015Arbors at Fair Oaks RanchCoventry Homes ★
78015Elkhorn RidgePrinceton Classic Homes
78015Elkhorn Ridge at Fair Oaks RanchMonticello Homes
78015Front Gate at Fair Oaks RanchAshton Woods Homes ★
78015The Arbors at Fair Oaks RanchScott Felder Homes ★
78114Chaparral RanchM/I Homes ★
78114Lodi GroveLennar
78144Pradera RidgeTexas Homes
78114River Bend – Villages – LegendsAvex Homes
78114River Bend – Villages – TraditionsAvex Homes
78114The Links at River BendD.R. Horton
78266Heimer EstatesChesmar Homes San Antonio
782691835 VillageAvex Homes
78023BricewoodBeazer Homes
78023BricewoodDavidson Homes ★
78254BricewoodNewLeaf Homes
78026Tobey RidgeLennar
78121The Timbers of La VerniaTexas Homes
78121Woodbridge FarmsJourney Homes ★
78052Saddle RidgeRausch Coleman Homes ★
78124Dove SongCentex Homes ★
78124Grace ValleyLennar
78124Harvest HillsChesmar Homes San Antonio
78130Dauer RanchBrightland Homes ★
78130Dauer RanchLegend Homes
78130Deer Crest – Classic CollectionKB Home ★
78130Deer Crest – Heritage CollectionKB Home ★
78130Elley CrossingCentex Homes ★
78266Enchanted BluffMonticello Homes
78130Guadalupe RidgeRausch Coleman Homes ★ – New Braunfels Region
78130Legacy at Lake DunlapHighland Homes ★
78130Legacy at Lake DunlapMonticello Homes
78130Legacy at Lake DunlapPulte Homes ★
78130Legacy at Lake DunlapToll Brothers ★
78130Legacy at Lake Dunlap 40’sPerry Homes ★
78130Legacy at Lake Dunlap 50’sPerry Homes ★
78130MayfairCoventry Homes ★
78130MayfairScott Felder Homes ★ (Coming Soon)
78130Mayfair – Comal CollectionToll Brothers ★
78130Mayfair – Guadalupe CollectionToll Brothers ★
78130Mayfair 50’sHighland Homes ★
78130Mayfair 50’sPerry Homes ★
78130Mayfair 60’sHighland Homes ★
78130Mayfair 60’sPerry Homes ★
78132Meyer RanchBrightland Homes ★
78132Meyer RanchChesmar Homes Central Texas ★
78132Meyer RanchDavid Weekley Homes ★
78132Meyer RanchPrinceton Classic Homes
78132Meyer RanchScott Felder Homes ★
78132Meyer Ranch 50’sHighland Homes ★
78132Meyer Ranch 50’s – Phase 1Highland Homes ★
78132Meyer Ranch 55’sPerry Homes ★
78132Paradise on the GuadalupeJourney Homes ★
78132Sendero at VeramendiPulte Homes ★
78130Steelwood TrailsLennar
78132The Grove at Vintage OaksScott Felder Homes ★
78130The Overlook at CreeksideCentex Homes ★
78130The Overlook at CreeksideCoventry Homes ★
78130The Overlook at CreeksidePulte Homes ★
78132VeramendiBrightland Homes ★
78132VeramendiCoventry Homes ★
78132VeramendiScott Felder Homes ★
78132Veramendi – 40’s – Front EntryHighland Homes ★
78132Veramendi – 40’s – Front Entry – Phase 1Highland Homes ★
78132Veramendi – 40’s – Rear EntryHighland Homes ★
78132Veramendi – 40’s – Rear Entry – Phase 1Highland Homes ★
78132Veramendi – 70’sHighland Homes ★
78132Veramendi 45’sPerry Homes ★
78132Veramendi 50’sPerry Homes ★
78132Veramendi 60’sDavid Weekley Homes ★
78132Veramendi 60’sPerry Homes ★
78132Vintage OaksJourney Homes ★
78130Vista Alta Del Veramendi 50’sPerry Homes ★
78130Vista Alta Del Veramendi 60’sPerry Homes ★
78130Voss HilltopLennar (Coming Soon)
78132WaldsangerAshton Woods Homes ★
78130Winding CreekD.R. Horton
78064Pleasanton MeadowsLennar
78152Abbott PlaceLegend Homes
78222AgaveM/I Homes ★
78245Amhurst – The CanyonsD.R. Horton
78252ApplewoodD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78345Arcadia RidgeAshton Woods Homes ★ (Coming Soon)
78245Arcadia RidgeCastleRock Communities
78345Arcadia RidgeEmpire Communities ★
78245Arcadia Ridge – Classic SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78245Arcadia Ridge – Premier SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78245Arcadia Ridge 45’sPerry Homes ★
78245Arcadia Ridge 50’sPerry Homes ★
78245Arcadia Ridge 60’sPerry Homes ★
78253Aston ParkLennar
78253Bear CreekCentury Communities ★
78253Bison RidgePulte Homes ★
78253Bison Ridge 45’sPerry Homes ★
78253Bison Ridge 50’sPerry Homes ★
78261Brookstone CreekD.R. Horton
78261Canyon CrestKB Home ★
78245Champions LandingKB Home ★
78261Cibolo CanyonsEmpire Communities ★
78261Cibolo Canyons – MonteverdeCastleRock Communities
78261Cibolo Canyons 50’sPerry Homes ★
78261Cibolo Canyons 60’sPerry Homes ★
78252Cinco LakesCentex Homes ★
78252Cinco LakesLegend Homes
78252Cinco Lakes 35’sM/I Homes ★
78252Cinco Lakes 40’sM/I Homes ★
78254Davis RanchCentex Homes ★
78254Davis RanchCoventry Homes ★
78254Davis RanchPulte Homes ★
78254Davis Ranch 45’sHighland Homes ★
78254Davis Ranch 50’sDavid Weekley Homes ★
78254Davis Ranch 50’sHighland Homes ★
78254Davis Ranch 60’sDavid Weekley Homes ★
78254Davis Ranch 60’sHighland Homes ★
78261El Sonido – CampanasSitterle Homes ★
78266Enchanted BluffSitterle Homes ★
78263Everly EstatesEmpire Communities ★
78263Everly EstatesM/I Homes ★
78252Hennersby HollowAshton Woods Homes ★
78252Hennersby HollowCastleRock Communities
78252Hennersby HollowStarlight Homes ★
78253Hidden OasisRausch Coleman Homes ★
78223Higdon CrossingRausch Coleman Homes ★
78253Hill Country RetreatDel Webb ★
78245Horizon RidgeCentex Homes ★
78245Horizon RidgePulte Homes ★
78253Hunter’s RanchBeazer Homes
78253Hunter’s RanchCastleRock Communities
78253Hunter’s RanchChesmar Homes San Antonio
78253Hunter’s RanchFirst America Homes ★
78245Hunter’s RanchHakes Brothers ★
78253Hunter’s RanchLegend Homes
78245Hunter’s RanchM/I Homes ★
78253Hunter’s RanchView Homes ★
78163Johnson RanchNewLeaf Homes
78163Johnson Ranch 85’sPerry Homes ★
78264Jordan’s RanchFirst America Homes ★
78264Jordan’s RanchM/I Homes ★
78254Kallison Ranch 45’sPerry Homes ★
78254Kallison Ranch 50’sPerry Homes ★
78254Kallison Ranch 60’sPerry Homes ★
78245LaderaDavidson Homes ★
78245LaderaKindred Homes
78245LaderaLiberty Home Builders ★
78245Ladera – High Point 45’sDavid Weekley Homes ★
78245Ladera – Laurel HollowDavid Weekley Homes ★
78245Ladera 40’sPerry Homes ★
78245Ladera 45’sPerry Homes ★
78245Ladera 50’sPerry Homes ★
78245Ladera 60’sPerry Homes ★
78245Landon RidgeLennar
78261LangdonD.R. Horton
78245Laurel VistasCastleRock Communities
78245Laurel VistasD.R. Horton
78245Melissa RanchLegend Homes
78245MeridianAshton Woods Homes ★
78253Morgan HeightsLennar
78253Morgan MeadowsBeazer Homes
78253Morgan MeadowsCastleRock Communities
78253Morgan MeadowsHistoryMaker Homes
78253Preserve at Culebra – Classic CollectionKB Home ★
78253Preserve at Culebra – Heritage CollectionKB Home ★
78223Red Hawk LandingCastleRock Communities
78222Red Hawk LandingFirst America Homes ★
78222Red Hawk LandingHistoryMaker Homes
78222Red Hawk LandingRausch Coleman Homes ★
78253Redbird RanchD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78245Remington RanchMeritage Homes ★
78264Ruby CrossingLennar
78254Sagebrooke – Classic SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78254Sagebrooke – Premier SeriesMeritage Homes ★
78263Sapphire GroveLennar
78245Spring CreekCentury Communities ★
78253Stevens Ranch 55’sPerry Homes ★
78254Stillwater RanchChesmar Homes San Antonio
78254Stillwater RanchCoventry Homes ★
78254Stillwater RanchDavid Weekley Homes ★
78254Stillwater Ranch – Town SquareChesmar Homes San Antonio
78254Stillwater Ranch 40’sPerry Homes ★
78254Stillwater Ranch 50’sPerry Homes ★
78223Stone GardenLennar
78245StonehillD.R. Horton (Coming Soon)
78245Stoney CreekD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78002Summer HillsM/I Homes ★
78253Talley Fields – The View SeriesView Homes ★
78245Texas Research Park – Hidden BluffsKB Home ★
78245Texas Research Park – Hidden CanyonsKB Home ★
78253The WoodlandsCastleRock Communities
78253Thomas PondMeritage Homes ★
78245Tierra BuenaKB Home ★
78253Timber CreekFirst America Homes ★
78253Timber CreekLegend Homes
78253Trails at CulebraAshton Woods Homes ★
78253Trails at CulebraStarlight Homes ★
78253VerandaBeazer Homes
78253VerandaBrightland Homes ★
78253Veranda 40’sPerry Homes ★
78245West Pointe GardensNewLeaf Homes
78245Weston OaksHighland Homes ★
78245Weston OaksView Homes ★
78245Weston Oaks – The ReserveDavid Weekley Homes ★
78245Weston Oaks 55’sPerry Homes ★
78253Westpointe – Fronterra 50’sPerry Homes ★
78253Westpointe – RiverstoneD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78252Whisper FallsD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78254Winding BrookCentex Homes ★
78253Winding Brook 30’sM/I Homes ★
78253Winding Brook 40’sM/I Homes ★
78666La Cima 50’sCoventry Homes ★
78666La Cima 50’sPerry Homes ★ (Coming Soon)
78666La Cima 60’sPerry Homes ★
78666La Cima 70’sCoventry Homes ★
78124Regency RanchChesmar Homes San Antonio
78155Cordova TrailsAshton Woods Homes ★
78155Cordova TrailsStarlight Homes ★
78155Navarro RanchLennar
78155Three OaksPacesetter Homes ★
78155Twin CreeksJourney Homes ★
78155Village at Three OaksChesmar Homes Central Texas ★
78155Village of Mill Creek 60’sPerry Homes ★
78070Mystic ShoresJourney Homes ★
78070The Preserve at Singing Hills 50’sAshton Woods Homes ★
78070The Preserve at Singing Hills 60’sAshton Woods Homes ★
78109BoardwalkM/I Homes ★
78152Cobalt CanyonD.R. Horton – Express Homes
78152Hunters Way BoardwalkCentury Communities ★
78152Spring GroveLennar

Possible USDA eligibility. No maximum loan limit with USDA Guaranteed Loans. Higher-priced communities may qualify but the program is mainly geared for lower price points. Lender to verify all qualifying factors and eligibility of property.
Eligibility and approval of USDA loans are determined by the USDA. Please reference the USDA at their website here:

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