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Posted by Ronilo Palama on March 6, 2021
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  • Is there a fun historical fact about the land on which Bindseil Farms sits?

    Set on one of the original ranches in Schertz, TX. The earliest German immigrants the Bindseil’s proudly owned and passionately farmed this land for generations.

  • What is an average energy bill from your current home owners?

    We guarantee the home’s heating and cooling costs to be on average based upon the plan in the $70s monthly.

  • If you could go in the future and hear one of your buyer's kids describe their childhood memories in the community, what would they be saying?

    How much they enjoyed biking with their parents on the bike paths on Schertz parkway down to the YMCA and aquatic center. Plus, they enjoyed the multiple deer that made night-time visits.

  • How can agents help you get the word out about your community?

    Word of mouth. Schertz is a fantastic place to live and our residents brag about living in the central Schertz location.

  • Write a short poem about your community.

    Upon the midnight clear, I heard the steps of 12 deer galloping.

    Some had spots. Some bushy tails. They were drawn to the clear midnight.

    They stared intently for they had already discovered why the humans were drawn.

    Location, location, fields of hay. The brilliant Texas sun would clear the night.

    For they knew to make hay while the sun shined.

    They knew not to wait for the gate of low-interest rates and good prices would soon be over.

    And then the deer was spotted eating clover.

  • Give agents advice on what they could say in a social media post that would spark someone's interest in your community.

    Space. Minimum 20′ between the homes, most new neighborhoods only offer 10 feet between homes. Setbacks of 25′ feet give a commanding presence to our home’s carefully designed and crafted exterior elevations.

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  • What will your homeowners be doing on the weekends?

    Back yard grilling because of the standard, covered rear patios.

  • What nearby restaurant would you recommend if an agent and potential buyer were leaving your community to go have lunch?

    Lots of authentic Tex-Mex eateries and an old-fashioned diner are nearby.

  • If you could describe your community in 3 adjectives, what would they be?

    Spaciousness, a right-sized neighborhood with only 80 homes. Quiet, Peaceful, & Secure.

  • What do you imagine the Bindseil Farms community will look like in 5 years?

    That’s the true indicator of quality as it will look even better as landscaping matures. Plenty of neighborhoods nearby that Coventry has built will be looking good unlike some competitor’s 5-year-old homes looking tattered. Part of it is also the pride of our homeowners wanting the best and keeping the best looking good.

  • Tell us why the last buyer decided to purchase there?

    Impressed by our quality and presence, plans, and pricing.

  • How much is your home price per square foot?

    Thank you for that question but we don’t sell our homes that way as we don’t build simple boxes. Just looking from the street, I like to say our homes “dance” with visual interest. Porches, columns, one-room extending out from another in a coordinated “dance” creates not a straight line box but a beautiful, unique, one-of-kind home. We don’t build the cheapest, and we wouldn’t want to. We build value.

Todd Hoover

Coventry Homes – Bindseil Farms

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