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Posted by Ronilo Palama on January 14, 2021
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  • Is there a fun historical fact about the land on which your community sits?

    Yes, Legend Point is located in one of the more popular areas in New Braunfels, which now sits as the 2nd fastest growing city of its size in the US!

  • What is an average energy bill from your current home owners?

    Thankfully Coventry Homes is the only builder that offers a Heating and Cooling cost guarantee for 3 years! This assures our homeowners have the highest level of build quality with the prices on their monthly bill to match!

    The energy bill costs can be as little as $56 to as high as $95 per month!

  • Give agents advice on what they could say in a social media post that would spark someone's interest in your community.

    Coventry Homes is a builder that delivers on a number of areas. The first of which deals with the quality of our build. Coventry Homes is the only builder not only in this neighborhood but in New Braunfels that offers an extended warranty. Every builder, and feel free to compare, will talk about their standard warranty that consists of a traditional 1-2-10. We at Coventry Homes, trust our builders but most importantly the standard we hold for ourselves and provide our customers an additional 1 year towards the initial craftsmanship warranty. Our quality remains consistent and Coventry follows suit with our Energy Efficiency Guarantee. We are the only builder that offers a guaranteed cost for the first 3 years of your home. This annual amount when converted towards a monthly cost hovers between a $65-$90 cost! Last, but not least, is the standard features provided for our community. We offer standards for our customers that reflect what every buyer needs and wants to trickle down from a covered patio to an automated sprinkler system. Coventry Homes provides the want and need of our customers and because of that, I believe our homes are a perfect choice for your clients.

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  • How can agents help you get the word out about your community?

    I encourage realtor visits whenever they have time whether through hosting their brokerage meetings at the model to needing a quick lunch on me! I love getting to know our realtor friends and encourage them to actively look to us as a resource to help further network their presence in the area.

  • What will your homeowners be doing on the weekends?

    Our homeowners thankfully have several options to keep them busy during the weekends at Legend Point. Within the community, there’s a number of homeowners that enjoy hosting neighbors along with partaking in local builder events! Homeowners can also visit the community pool. These are just a fraction of memories they can create at Legend Point.

    While the community amenities are plentiful, the city of New Braunfels itself has a ton of fun to offer whether it’s visiting local breweries to going to local dance halls. New Braunfels truly offers something to do for everyone.

  • If you could go in the future and hear one of your buyer's kids describe their childhood memories in the community, what would they be saying?

    They would tell childhood memories of how friendly and communal the community feels within the Coventry Homes section. We thrive around the idea of having get togethers with neighbors allowing them to get to know each other whether it be a movie night or a neighborhood BBQ. We highlight our buyer’s common needs in new friendships and pleasantries for their life and their kids.

  • What nearby restaurant would you recommend if an agent and potential buyer were leaving your community to go have lunch?

    McAdoos and Krause’s Cafe are the two favorites of mine!

  • If you could describe Legend Point in 3 adjectives, what would they be?

    Memorable, Peaceful, and Thriving.

Jonathan Zamora

Coventry Homes – Legend Point

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